Friday, 22 June 2012

What's in My Bag

Hello Lovelies!

I have been wanting to do this tag for aaaages! I love watching these tags on YouTube but since I'm not brave enough to film a tag I decided to do it on my blog! 
So this is my handbag...its one of my most used bags (and I do have a slight obsession with handbags!) I love the shape, the colour and the way it hangs off my shoulder..the one thing I'm not so fond of is the metal clasp or clip on the front is extremely loud and not at all subtle...

I got my bag nearly two years ago from Debenhams for about €40.

Soooo here is what is in my bag! I'm fairly tidy in my bag, I just hate clutter and rubbish so I tend to clean it out as much as I can,..(saddo)

Top(L-R) Knorr QuickSoup(Incase I starve at work), Soap & Glory Hand Food, Hair Brush, Nail File, Deodorant, Headphones, Sunglasses, 
Bottom(L-R) My Diary, My Purse, Hair pins, Euphoria Roller Ball, an empty Smarties tube..

If you have done this tag on your blog please link it below because I'm incredibly nosey and would love to check them out! 



  1. Keep thinking I should do one of these on my blog, but my handbags are always filled with so much crap! Endless reciepts and tissues and old ciggy packets haha! Maybe one day soon I will clean it out and do one of these on my blog lol.

    Samma <3

    1. Dooo! I'm so nosey I just love these! haha my purse doesnt close with all the reciepts in it..sad times when you have more reciepts than money! :( xx