Monday, 12 December 2016

Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara

 Mascara is one of those beauty items that I tend to try the most. I do tend to stick with "drugstore" options but I had heard so much about this mascara that I just had to try it. I didn't realise that Debenhams in Galway has a Too Faced stand. So when I spotted it, this mascara was the first thing I grabbed. There is so much hype surrounding this mascara, it is a little hard to miss. The name probably has a lot to do with that, but any reviews I have seen have been very positive. I love a mascara that gives really thick, voluminous lashes. I always go for black mascara too, I love the dramatic look. 

The wand on this mascara is seriously meaty. It is absolutely massive. There is a curve in the middle of the brush, and it gets wider at either end. This makes it perfect to grip all the lashes and really give lift to the lashes. The formula has a thicker consistency which I actually love. I always like a mascara better after a week or two when it thickens up. I find that this mascara really gives thick lashes, verging on clumpy so you do have to be careful! It doesn't give really any length so if that is what you are looking for, this is not the mascara for you. It holds a curl really well throughout the day and doesn't flake or crumple off like I find alot of mascaras tend to do on me. 

It is expensive for a mascara at €23, and I'm not sure if I would repurchase because I have my favourites which cost half the price. It is a gorgeous mascara, and I do really like the way it makes my eyelashes look. But there are other mascaras that you can get for far cheaper that give the same look. If you did want to pick it up, it is available online here

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Tuesday, 15 November 2016

MAC The Nutcracker Collection

MAC always pull out all the stops for their Christmas collections. There is always one (or five)  items that I want from their collection, and this year I was lucky enough to receive some of the collection for review and of course I had to pick up something else I had my eye on. I love the packaging for this collection. The pink and purple is right up my street. This collection is based around the nutcracker and alot of the colours are purple and pink based.

 "Sweet Sweet Copper" Face Compact
This was the first thing I spotted that I instantly knew I needed. It has the famous highlighter "Whisper of Gild" which I have been dying to get my hands on the last couple of months. It is one of those highlighters that everyone seems to go mad for when it is released but unfortunately it is not part of MAC's permanent collection. The blush that is included in the compact is "Pleasure Model" which is a gorgeous peachy-brown. The blush has a very sheer finish, so it gives a gorgeous flush of colour without being too overpowering. The two really compliment each other. But "Whisper of Gild" is really in a league of its own. It is a very wet looking highlighter which is so ridiculously pigmented that you really only need the smallest amount. It is a gorgeous gold-toned highlighter that would compliment the majority of skin-tones.

"Flamboyish" Lipstick*
On first glance I thought this was a red lipstick. But it was only when I swatched it, I realized that it is actually a gorgeous fuschia pink. It is a very creamy, pigmented lipstick even though it is one of their matte formulas...and it is the perfect colour for the festive season. If you don't fancy reaching for a red this Christmas, this would be a gorgeous alternative. It lasts really well on the lips, you may find you need to top it up just to keep the vibrancy of the colour which did fade a little throughout the day. Again I feel that it would suit the majority of skin-tones. It is definitely one to swatch! 

"Dark Lullaby" Eye-shadow
I have to admit this wouldn't be an eye-shadow I would instantly be drawn to, but having swatched it at home and pairing it with my own shadows I am pleasantly surprised. This is a gorgeous shadow that is neutral enough that it doesn't look too mad, while still adding a very subtle pop of colour. It is a gorgeous deep plum colour with a small hint of shimmer. One of the products that I received that was a surprising favourite. 

 MAC Prunella Eyeliner*
I have tried and really liked MAC eyeliners in the past, and this one is no different. It does have a slightly drier formula than I would normally like but it still has a really nice pigment to it. I think that because it is drier, it lasts longer on the waterline. It makes a lovely pair with the "Dark Lullaby" and compliments it nicely. Again it gives a lovely, subtle pop of colour to a neutral look without having to go too crazy. They have two other eyeliners available in this collection, a black and a bronze. Out of the three this would be the one I recommend to pick up!

They have definitely outdone themselves with this collection, even the packaging is gorgeous! There will definitely be something for everyone in this collection..there are a few mad shades but the majority of things are gorgeous. If yo were to pick up one item I would 100% recommend the face palette. It makes a gorgeous addition to any collection!

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Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Autumnal Lipsticks

One of the reasons I love the change in seasons so much is that you can get away with wearing deeper, more dramatic lip colours. To be fair I tend to wear whatever shade I want, all year around. But we all seem to gravitate towards a certain colour palette once the leaves start falling. I wanted to give you my top five products that I have been reaching for a lot so far this year, and I feel I will be getting so much use out of in the coming months. 

Kat Von D | Lolita
Even though I bought this in the Summer, it is the most Autumnal shade going. There is a reason why it is almost always sold out and that it is one of her most popular shades. This is a gorgeous warm toned nude. It is very 90's. It is the kind of shade that you can wear during the day or that you can put on for an evening look to amp it up. It dries completely matte but is still comfortable to wear for a long period of time. In my opinion this is is a colour that would really suit majority of skintones, and one that everyone should have in their collection. 

MAC | Whirl
I'm not 100% sure if this was a limited edition lipstick..if it is I'm really sorry. There is a lip liner in the same shade so it would do the same job. This is a darker nude compared to Lolita. It is very much a brown nude. Not to everyones taste, and definitely a more statement lip. Again it is a matte lipstick, which seems to be the look I go for in the colder months. If you can get your hands on this, go and swatch it! 

MAC | Smoked Almond
One of the more recent additions to my collection. It is from the new "Lipintensity" collection that they have recently brought out. I absolutely adore this lipstick formula, and this shade in particular is one that I have been reaching for day to day. It is a pink toned brown and is lighter in shade compared to the previous two. It is the first one I have mentioned that isn't a matte formula. It has a slight sheen to it, and it feels nice and moisturising on the lips- which is essential during the colder months. 

The Balm | Adoring
This was my Christmas shade last year. It is a gorgeous burgundy red shade, which is ideal for the winter months. This is another liquid lipstick that dries down to a matte formula. It has a mint scent to it which is the only thing I don't like about it, it seems so wrong putting something with a mint scent on your lips. It doesn't offer any plumping features so it seems a bit unnecessary. Otherwise this lipstick colour is, in my opinion another essential. Perfect for the festive season! 

NYX | Tiramisu
This is the only gloss in this line-up. I love the NYX Butter Glosses, they have a gorgeous creamy formula with a decent amount of pigmentation. This particular gloss is a very natural look- perfect for throwing on during the day to give a bit of a lift to your make-up. It is a mauve shade that seems to suit any kind of look. They don't last amazingly long but no glosses do. If you are a gloss woman and haven't tried these...get on it!   

If you have any other recommendations for lip products that you like to wear during the colder months please enable me! 
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Wednesday, 26 October 2016

October Beauty Favourites

I'm sorry but how is it almost November already? This year has actually flown...I am not mentally prepared for Christmas yet! Over the past couple of months, I really have been sticking to the products that I know work for me and that I love. So there has been very little change over the past few months, but I decided to still share the items that I have really loved that last while and that have really stood out to me. 

 Too Faced "Better Than Sex" Mascara
The hype around this product is definitely justified. I didn't actually know that Debenhams in Galway has a small "Too Faced" counter in store, so when I spotted it the mascara was the first thing I grabbed! This mascara is a firm favourite of so many and is raved about by everyone, so I was dying to give it a go. If you know me, you know I love thick, black lashes..and that is exactly what this mascara gives you. The wand makes it so easy to grip and coat every lash in product. It really gives the illusion of thick lashes and is such a black black mascara that lasts all day!

Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick | Lolita
I picked this up in Barcelona...another thing that the internet made me buy. I already have the shade "Bow & Arrow" which has become a staple in my make-up life. Lolita is fast becoming an all time favourite lip shade. Surprisingly I don't actually have a shade like this in my collection already. This colour just screams Autumn. It is a very rich, warm-toned nude that really goes with so many different make-up looks. It's formula is just out of this world, long-lasting with such a creamy feel while on the lips which is really important. It doesn't dry out as the day goes on which a lot of other liquid lipsticks tend to do. If you can manage to get your hands on this, as it's normally sold-out, I would definitely recommend you is well worth it! 

 Wow Brown Liquid Tan
This is by no means, a new favourite. But still one that I felt I needed to mention. Over the past couple of months I have been testing out a few different tans and that in turn has rekindled my love for this. I just keep finding myself going back to it, time and time again. It never fails me. It goes on can see where you are putting it, it develops into a gorgeous dark bronze, and one of the most important things for me is that it comes off so easily. It fades nicely but when you want it all off you don't have to scrub your skin raw to remove it. I really think I have found "the one" with this tan (dramatic or what?!) and won't be straying from it anytime soon!

Origins Ginzing Eye-Cream
I have been neglecting my eyes when it comes to skincare the past couple of months and I have really noticed the difference! My eyes were dark and puffy and no matter what make-up or brightening concealer I would put would do absolutely nothing for me. Eventually I gave myself the kick up the arse, I needed and finally repurchased this eye cream from Ginzing. I bought this a few years ago, used it, loved it, but never repurchased it. In the short time that I have been using it again, I have found that it has brightened up my dark circles, brought down any puffiness, and has just overall improved the look of my eye cream which was badly needed.
 Bourjois City Radiance Foundation
Another old-ish favourite that I felt needed another rave about it. I wear this foundation everyday. It is really light-weight but still gives enough coverage to do me for everyday wear. I wear shade 03 and I find this matches my tan perfectly. It lasts really well throughout the day and gives a natural/dewy finish. I have oily skin and I find this works really well for me, so I imagine it would work for the majority of skin types. I love the fact that it comes in a squeezy tube, it makes it slightly easier to travel with.

Hopefully I will manage to be somewhat restrained over the next couple of weeks, since I have Christmas to save for (present for someone, present for me...) but please let me know what products you have been loving over the last while!
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Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Cocoa Brown Rose Gold Goddess Body Oil

Yes this is the second post in a row that I have done about a highlighter...moving on. To be fair you could put rose gold on anything and there is a fair likelihood that I will feel that I need it in my life. So combine that with Cocoa Brown and I'm sold! The original Golden Goddess oil has been immensely popular over the last couple of months and then those gorgeous girls over at Cocoa Brown took it all a step further and released the Rose Gold Goddess oil! For a night out over the last couple of weeks, the go-to product has been this oil. This makes you literally glow like a goddess. You will take the saying "highlight on fleek" to a whole other level. 

I do prefer this to the original, and I really hope the limited edition sticker will eventually drop off and it will be here to stay forever! I find this shade suits my skin tone better as the original was slightly too yellow and with my (very) pink undertone, the rose shade works better for me. With this a little goes a long way. On a night out it looks gorgeous on the legs, arms and along the collar bones. Obviously paired with a gorgeous tan, this really makes such a difference to any look. I have even used this on my mum when she has been heading out and she loves it too! 

I will be picking up another bottle or two of this before it leaves the shelves! I really hope that it becomes a permanent addition to the Cocoa Brown family. Pick it up before it's gone forever!


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Sunday, 11 September 2016

Catrice High Glow Mineral Highlighting Powder

This is the highlighter that has been getting raved about by everyone over the past couple of weeks. I bought it months ago and had forgotten about it up until recently. Apparently it sells out all the time and Catrice can't keep it on the shelves. Once I heard the ravings start up again over the last couple of weeks I dug this out again and started to give it another go. I have been pretty obsessed with MAC's Soft & Gentle, and have been using it pretty consistently since I bought it last year. But since it was getting such rave reviews, I switched them out in my make-up bag. 

Starting off with the packing of it, you are really getting what you pay for here. It is cheap and cheerful, no frills or anything exciting. But in this case the product inside is worth ten times more. At first sight you see the silver compact and it does look a little intimidating in the pan. But it does not swatch as stark as it looks in the compact. It is a lot more subtle than Soft & Gentle but it does have the same idea behind it. It is a silver champagne highlighter that gives a gorgeous sheen to the skin. I think it does have the risk of running a little glittery if you over do it. But if you have a light hand with the brush it definitely has the potential to look gorgeous! I have been wearing it on an everyday basis lately and for work it does look gorgeous but if I was looking for a highlight to wear on a night out (or if I'm feeling a little more dramatic) then I would still be reaching for the likes of Champagne Pop or Soft & Gentle.

It doesn't wear particularly well but for the price you are getting what you pay for in that department. For €5.50 you would never be stuck for a highlighter! If you spot it at a Catrice counter, grab it!

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Kat Von D | Shade & Light Palette

I was recently in Sephora for the first time ever. When I walked in I really didn't know where to start. I had a few things on a list that I knew I definitely wanted to get and this palette was one of them. Kat Von D is launching in Debenhams in October but I have been wanting this for so long that I couldn't leave without getting it. It was a little pricy at €47 but since giving it a test I can see why it is expensive!

The Kat Von D range is highly talked about in the beauty world and this palette is one of the highlights from the collection. After hearing so many people raving about it I knew it had to be one of the first things I picked up. The palette has six powder products in it, three contour and three highlights. They range from light to dark so there is something to suit everyone- or if like me you wear false tan, there will be a colour to suit you no matter what stage in the tanning routine you are.

The powders are unlike anything I have ever used before. They are ridiculously pigmented. You literally need the tiniest amount of product on your brush to avoid looking or feeling cakey or powdery. The powder itself feels so lightweight on the skin, if you use the right amount it feels like there is nothing on the skin. The contour shades blends so easily and beautifully. It's the easiest contour product I have ever used. The one shade out of the whole palette that I am obsessed with is the middle highlight. It brightens up the under eye area amazingly well. It is a little more yellow toned than the others so it cancels out any discoloration under the eyes. That one is definitely the stand out shade in the palette for me.

If you are lucky enough to live near a Sephora or a Kat Von D counter, I would 100% recommend you check this out. It is definitely worth the money in my opinion!

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Sunday, 4 September 2016

August Beauty Favourites

 Lets try this whole return to blogging thing again. Yes I have been absent after saying I was going to get back into a routine but then the Summer happened. I swear I am back. I have still been buying and trying the same ridiculous amounts of make-up as usual so I have plenty to talk about. I thought that August favourites would be the perfect way to get back into the swing of things. August really flew by, I was in Barcelona for just over a week and had a couple of weekends away in between so I really got my everyday routine down to a few key products.

 Origins Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask
To be fair, you are probably all sick of hearing about my love for this mask. I brought this with me to Spain and applied it every night. I was worried that my skin would dry out with the sun and from being in the pool/sea so I wanted to make sure I got that extra bit of moisture in. I just applied a light layer every night and left it on overnight. It is definitely thicker and stickier than your normal moisturiser but by morning time it had fully sunk in and my skin was feeling really healthy and nourished. I am obsessed with the smell of this too, it has a peach scent which is gorgeous! If you have dry skin and need something to inject that extra bit of moisture in I would definitely recommend that you pick this up!

 Simple Kind to Skin Hydrating Cleansing Oil
This came out earlier this month and it was on offer in Boots so I picked it up to give it a go. I am a massive fan of cleansing oils so I thought this would be a nice budget option. I have been using this every night for the past month and I am really impressed. My skin has had minimal breakouts and the texture has really improved. I use a micellar water to remove the bulk of my make up and then use this to cleanse my skin. It does a great job at giving my skin a deep cleanse and leaves it feeling nourished and moisturized. I think this is an amazing budget oil cleanser and definitely one that you should give a go! 

 Boots Witch Hazel Gel
For the few breakouts that did appear though the month I have been using this gel from Boots. I picked it up randomly one day and was pleasantly surprised. This takes down the swelling of a spot brilliantly overnight. It gets rid of the redness and soreness. It doesn't get rid of the spot completely overnight but it improves it so much. For €2.99 I was so impressed with how this worked. It is a clear gel too so there will be no awkward white sudocream moments! 

 L'oreal Volume Million Lashes "Fatale"
This is a new release from L'oreal this month and I had just run out of my beloved Maybelline "The Falsies". So instead of buying the mascara that I have loved for months and that I know works for me, I went out and bought this. The make-up junkie in me is never satisfied. What if there is something better?! This mascara gives lovely (slightly chunky) volume while defining the lashes. It holds a curl really well and lasts all day on me. It is a little tougher to get off but if you use an oil based cleanser you are good to go! 

 MAC Lady Danger
This has been the go to lipstick over the past month when I want something a little more dramatic. This is a gorgeous vibrant orange toned red. I prefer this type of red because it is slightly more relaxed than a pillar box red and can be used during the day and at night. (I think anyway!) It looks amazing with a tan and it really brightens up any make-up look. I find it makes your teeth look whiter too! I have really been liking going though some of my older MAC lipsticks that I haven't worn in ages. Hue is another one I have rediscovered and may appear in next months favourites! 

Monsoon Rose Gold Perfume
This has been my perfume of choice for the last couple of weeks. Anytime I smell it, it reminds me of holidays. I am the worst person ever at describing scents so I googled. And according to The Fragrance Shop online, it has notes of lemon, vanilla, musk and balsamic amber which to be honest is all completely lost on me. I do like that it has a deeper scent than what I normally go for. Plus all you need to do is put rose gold on anything I am guaranteed to love it! 

So those are a few of the bits that I have been loving over the past couple of months. I have a few reviews coming up of items I bought on holidays over the next few days! 
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Wednesday, 1 June 2016

May Beauty Favourites

I didn't do a favourites last month, partly because I was so busy and partly because I wasn't 100% dedicated to any particular products. So because of that, I skipped last month and decided to wait until I had enough bits to show you before doing another favourites post. So some of the bits included today I have been using for 6-8 weeks so they are definitely the stand out products to me at the moment. There are a few lip products included too, I have been obsessed with changing out my lip look lately so these two are polar opposites to each other but I love them both equally!

Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette
I already have a post dedicated to this palette, but I have to say that this would be my No.1 favourite of the past couple of weeks. If you had shown this palette to me last year I wouldn't have put it near my face. But I am all about the warmer toned eyeshadows now and this is right up my street. There is a nice mixture of mattes and shimmer, subtle and more vibrate shades. I have been using this everyday since getting this and there are so many different looks that you can create. The quality of the eyeshadows are just so ridiculously good. If you can still get your hands on this I definitely recommend you do! 

 MAC Give Me Sun Bronzer
This is not a new product to my collection but I have just been obsessed with this over the past couple of months. If you are very fair this bronzer is not for you. It is a very pigmented, very warm toned bronzer. I love the formula of this because it never looks cakey on my skin. It is a very "skin-like" finish and it just seems to last all day on me. I have been going a little mad with the tan this month so this has just been the perfect bronzer to use while I do have that little (ha) bit more tan on. 

Catrice To Be ContiNUDEd Lipgloss
First lip obsession this month has been this lipgloss from Catrice. I have not gone a day without having this in my handbag since getting it. It is a beautiful nude-pink shade that has a gorgeous gloss to it. This is a really long-lasting gloss, but it's not overly glossy. It goes with my everyday make-up that I have been wearing recently and it really has been one of my go-to lip colours! I had to re-purchase it because my original one randomly fell apart in my locker at work and I was lost without it for the few days that I didn't have it! 

Kat Von D Bow & Arrow
I was very lucky to get this as a present from America. Kat Von D isn't available in Ireland (sob) so I was delighted to finally get to try some of her range. The shade Bow & Arrow seemed to be one of the most popular shades in her liquid lipstick range, and after looking at swatches online it looked like something I would like. It is the perfect brown-nude for me. I can wear it both with or without tan and it doesn't wash me out or look ashen on my lips. The lasting power in this is just phenomenal, but it doesn't dry overly matte. It feels very comfortable on the lips and once it's on it stays put and looks gorgeous! 

Dr Pawpaw Ointment 
This product has been very hyped up over the past couple of weeks, and rightly so! I first tried Pawpaw ointment a couple of years a go but at the time it wasn't readily available in Ireland. I spotted it at the till when I was paying for items recently and snapped it up! I have been addicted to this ever since. I use it everyday on my lips and I have not had any problems with dryness since! It is one of those "do it all" miracle products that you can use for a number of different things!

 Bioderma Hydrabio Gel Cream*
This has been the moisturiser that I have been reaching for over the past couple of weeks and I have really been loving it. It is a light gel consistency which sinks in almost instantly to the skin. It moisturises my skin really well but doesn't leave it feeling greasy or overly heavy. I have been using this both during the day under my make-up and at night time. I have combination skin so this really has worked well for me by combating the dry patches but not making the oily zones worse! I also love the packaging!  

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