Wednesday, 1 June 2016

May Beauty Favourites

I didn't do a favourites last month, partly because I was so busy and partly because I wasn't 100% dedicated to any particular products. So because of that, I skipped last month and decided to wait until I had enough bits to show you before doing another favourites post. So some of the bits included today I have been using for 6-8 weeks so they are definitely the stand out products to me at the moment. There are a few lip products included too, I have been obsessed with changing out my lip look lately so these two are polar opposites to each other but I love them both equally!

Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette
I already have a post dedicated to this palette, but I have to say that this would be my No.1 favourite of the past couple of weeks. If you had shown this palette to me last year I wouldn't have put it near my face. But I am all about the warmer toned eyeshadows now and this is right up my street. There is a nice mixture of mattes and shimmer, subtle and more vibrate shades. I have been using this everyday since getting this and there are so many different looks that you can create. The quality of the eyeshadows are just so ridiculously good. If you can still get your hands on this I definitely recommend you do! 

 MAC Give Me Sun Bronzer
This is not a new product to my collection but I have just been obsessed with this over the past couple of months. If you are very fair this bronzer is not for you. It is a very pigmented, very warm toned bronzer. I love the formula of this because it never looks cakey on my skin. It is a very "skin-like" finish and it just seems to last all day on me. I have been going a little mad with the tan this month so this has just been the perfect bronzer to use while I do have that little (ha) bit more tan on. 

Catrice To Be ContiNUDEd Lipgloss
First lip obsession this month has been this lipgloss from Catrice. I have not gone a day without having this in my handbag since getting it. It is a beautiful nude-pink shade that has a gorgeous gloss to it. This is a really long-lasting gloss, but it's not overly glossy. It goes with my everyday make-up that I have been wearing recently and it really has been one of my go-to lip colours! I had to re-purchase it because my original one randomly fell apart in my locker at work and I was lost without it for the few days that I didn't have it! 

Kat Von D Bow & Arrow
I was very lucky to get this as a present from America. Kat Von D isn't available in Ireland (sob) so I was delighted to finally get to try some of her range. The shade Bow & Arrow seemed to be one of the most popular shades in her liquid lipstick range, and after looking at swatches online it looked like something I would like. It is the perfect brown-nude for me. I can wear it both with or without tan and it doesn't wash me out or look ashen on my lips. The lasting power in this is just phenomenal, but it doesn't dry overly matte. It feels very comfortable on the lips and once it's on it stays put and looks gorgeous! 

Dr Pawpaw Ointment 
This product has been very hyped up over the past couple of weeks, and rightly so! I first tried Pawpaw ointment a couple of years a go but at the time it wasn't readily available in Ireland. I spotted it at the till when I was paying for items recently and snapped it up! I have been addicted to this ever since. I use it everyday on my lips and I have not had any problems with dryness since! It is one of those "do it all" miracle products that you can use for a number of different things!

 Bioderma Hydrabio Gel Cream*
This has been the moisturiser that I have been reaching for over the past couple of weeks and I have really been loving it. It is a light gel consistency which sinks in almost instantly to the skin. It moisturises my skin really well but doesn't leave it feeling greasy or overly heavy. I have been using this both during the day under my make-up and at night time. I have combination skin so this really has worked well for me by combating the dry patches but not making the oily zones worse! I also love the packaging!  

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