Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Festive Night Out Look

Hello Lovelies!

I hope you are all enjoying the festive season, eating lots and having plenty of rest! As we all know there is always a night out in the weeks of the Christmas celebrations, so I thought I would share with you my go-to products that I would reach for if I'm going out.

First of all for my base I apply some of my Clinique Primer, my best friend got me this and I absolutely love it! It is specifically for combating dull skin and I have found that when paired with my go-to foundation YSL Touche Eclat that it really gives my skin a brightened look! I always pop a bit of my favourite concealer Seventeen Phwoarr Paint under my eyes and on any blemishes I may have (which is alot more than I would like recently!) I apply whichever blusher/bronzer combination I would like and always pop a bit of Nars Copocobana on the tops of my cheekbones, down the centre of my nose and on the top of my lips to make them appear fuller. Then to make sure this all stays in place I set it all using my Bourjois Healthy Mix Powder and then with a couple of spritzes of Urban Decay's All Nighter Setting spray.

My festive lip-colour of choice this year is MAC's Ruby Woo which is a matte blue toned red. Just before I head out the door I pop in some of my Murine Brightening Eye-Drops to make sure I'm looking bright-eyed for the night! 

So those are my festive make-up picks for this year, what is your go to make up look for the festive season?

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Friday, 27 December 2013

Christmas 2013

Hello Lovelies!

I hope you all had a brilliant Christmas and are looking forward to the New Year! I thought today instead of doing the usual What I got for Christmas post, I would just share a few pictures from the day with you. I got a gorgeous new Camera from Santa so I was playing with that for the majority of the day. Ironically I forgot to take a picture of my favorite part, the meal! It was absolutely amazing and I was straight into my onesie afterwards! I was completely spoilt by my lovely family and friends and I am so grateful for everything!

I hope you all had a fantastic Christmas and do keep an eye out for my next post which will be my festive night out make up picks!

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Thursday, 26 December 2013

Soap & Glory What's Nude Eyeshadow Palette

 Hello Lovelies! 

I hope you are all keeping well and area ll recovering nicely from Christmas! I have a couple of the standard post-Christmas blog posts planned for the next couple of days but I just couldn't resist posting this one ahead of them all! 

If you have read my blog over the past year you will all know I was head over heals for the Urban Decay Naked Basics palette and used it pretty much everyday, but sadly after all the constant abuse the palette literally fell apart and I had hit pan on a couple of the colours. So I decided to begin a hunt for a new everyday neutral palette that I could just throw in my make up bag and know that I could always fall back on it. I wasn't having much luck until I spotted this post on the lovely Kayleigh's blog featuring this Soap and Glory palette. Now Soap & Glory was never a brand I had considered for eyeshadows before but after seeing the colours and swatches on her blog I knew I had to have it, and it was promptly put into my online basket and purchased within minutes! 

I had planned on this being my Christmas day eyeshadows and hoped to save it until then but of course I couldn't wait! As soon as I laid eyes on the palette I had to instantly try it (after taking blog pictures of course!) I was instantly impressed with the pigmentation and intensity of the colours! The swatches above are from one swipe across the shadows, impressive! In this palette there are three matte shades and one shimmery - which like the Naked basics I loved because I always tend to reach for matte shades quicker than shimmery ones. 

The other thing about these shadows that I was really impressed with was the texture, I found them quite comparable to higher end eyeshadows like Urban Decay and Inglot, both of which I am a massive fan of. They are not chalky at all and are so smooth to apply. So for the price I paid for these shadows the quality are amazing! They apply so well and blend together amazingly. The colours in this palette are perfect for an everyday look, there is not one colour in this that I wouldn't use. 

I love the little detail on the back that they put on there about not including a brush. Such a good idea because I don't know about you but I never use the little brushes that most companies include with products and they just annoy me, so I found this really funny that they actually took the time to put that on the product too! Overall I can definitely see myself getting so much use out of this eyeshadow palette in the new year! Its small and compact which I wanted, and includes a perfect set of neutral shades!

I purchased mine online here for €13 which I think is such amazing value! I'm so impressed with this palette. What other Soap & Glory make-up products would you recommend?

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Saturday, 21 December 2013

Christmas Wishlist

Hello Lovelies!

I am getting soooo excited for Christmas, I finally have all my shopping done for everyone and I am ready to relax and eat lots of lovely food and just chill out for the day! As I'm sure alot of Beauty Bloggers do, I have a couple of things that I would love to see under the tree, or hope to get in the sales after Christmas so I decided to share these with you! 

1. Origins Gin Zing Eye Cream
I've heard so many good things about this eye cream and I've had horrible undereye bags lately so I'm hoping this will be able to combat that! 

2. Nars And God Created Woman Palette
Oooh my, when I laid eyes on this during the Summer it was instantly love. And of course as with all things as soon as I decided I wanted it, it sold out! The lovely people at NARS have re-released it and I am dying to get my hands on it this time! 

3. Canon Camera
I've been lusting after a Canon for months now, and I think my poor mum has had enough of me stealing hers, so I think it's time I bought my own! I'm hoping to see one in a sale somewhere after the Christmas! 

4. Mi Mondea
These necklaces are just stunning, the rose gold ones are seriously on my wishlist! I love how you can customize these how you want. They have lots of different designs. I love the ones with quotes on them! 

5. Burgundy Converse 
I love these Winter appropriate converse! I'm pretty sure they have made an appearance in a wishlist before, and I just never got around to buying them. I am obsessed with Converse lately so these would get worn to death! 
6. Ikea Alex  
I spotted this on Essie Button's Vlogmas (which I am utterly obsessed with!) and fell in love! I was tempted by the original Alex but didn't have anywhere to put it because it was slightly taller. I'm hoping to re-do my room in the new year and would love to store my make up in this one!

So that is my Christmas/New Years Sales wishlist, what are you hoping to get this year? I hope you are all looking forward to the big day!

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Thursday, 19 December 2013

No.7 Instant Radiance Highligher

Hello Lovelies!

Yes I know..another highlighter. But in my defense I had a voucher that was due to expire so it would have been rude to let it go to waste really! So I found myself picking up the latest highligher offering from No.7. I am already a massive fan of their Skin Illuminator - which is remarkably similar to Nars Copocobana Illumintor FYI! So I had really high expectations for this new addition. 

This highligher is different to any I've tried before in the sense that it is in "stick" formation. It makes it super easy to apply to the tops of the cheekbones and down the centre of your nose. Also it is really hard to mess up with this method of application. One swipe on the areas you want to put it on and you are done. It easily built up if you apply in layers and blend in after each rather than just going crazy in one swipe! It sits really nicely on top of foundation, sometimes with cream products I find I have to be careful not to wipe off my foundation underneath but this stays put where it's meant to and doesn't move anything else! I also love the packaging. It is so compact it makes it perfect for going travelling with or just popping in your handbag if you want to apply more throughout the day!

So if you are on the hunt for a decently priced highlighter- look no further! You can pick it up online here or from any No.7 counters for €12.95.

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Monday, 16 December 2013

Maybelline Brocades Nail Polishes

Hello Lovelies!

I think I have a new shopping problem...glitter polishes. I am on the hunt for my Christmas day nail-polish and I think I'm going to go for a glitter, so that of course means that I need every glitter polish that crosses my path. I swear I must have been a magpie in a former life. If it has a hint of sparkle to it I need it in my life! 

So when I seen these beauties on the Maybelline shelves, and then seen that they were on three for two..aaand then seen that you get a free Limited Edition BabyLips with purchase...well I couldn't just leave them behind could I?

The shades I picked were Foil Flash, Knitted Gold and Rosy Rosettes. I was most excited to try Knitted Gold because I thought it looked like a Rose gold glitter polish but sadly it wasn't exactly what I thought it was. It was alot more of a yellow gold than it showed from the bottle. Foil Flash has come up trumps though, one coat is really all you need of this beauty and you're sorted. I think this will look fabulous with a classic red varnish and this as your "bling" finger. And finally Rosy Rosettes, which is currently on my toe-nails (not the most festive choice) Loving this colour, again all you need is one layer and you're good to go! With a bit of Seche Vite on top and it looks gorgeous! I'm really impressed with the freebie too! It is Cherry Velvet, and I'm not usually a cherry girl but I'm quite liking this! 

What do you think of these latest glitter polishes? Any recommendations for a good Christmas nail polish for me? I still don't think I've found the one

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Saturday, 14 December 2013

Festive Lip Picks

Hello Lovelies! 

As you all know I am becoming slightly braver with my lip colour choices the past few months, so I felt it was only right that I shared my picks now that it is coming up to Christmas party time! Plus it is actually my work Christmas party tonight and I am completely undecided which one to wear, so you guys can help me pick this way!

Korres Wild Rose Lip Butter
Starting off with the most moisturizing of my picks is the Korres Wild Rose lip butter. I have had the Jasmine version of this permanently in my make up bag the past few weeks but as it gets closer to Christmas I have dug out the Wild Rose version as it is more colour appropriate I find! I am such a massive fan of these lip butters. They provide amazing moisturise to your lips and a nice tint of colour too! I currently have my eye on the Mango version and the next time ASOS is having a sale I think I may have to just pick it up! 

MAC Ruby Woo
I got this as a Christmas present last year and it has been my go to red lipstick since. It is a matte blood red lipstick. Now when I say it's matte be warned...it is the matte-est lipstick I won and definitely the most drying! But for the colour I am willing to bring out a lip balm with me! It lasts for ages on the lips and it is my favourite red lipstick that I own!

MAC Rebel
My latest obsession the past couple of months has definitely been Rebel! It is a deep plum colour which I feel would suit a wide range of skin-tones, so if you are thinking about it I'd advise to go try it on in MAC just to make sure you love it as much as I do! This has a more moisturising finish compared to Ruby Woo so it is alot easier to wear!

Rimmel Big Bang Apocolips
This is something I may pop on top of Ruby Woo to give it a glossier finish or I would even just wear this on its own for a pop of colour. All the Apocolips are amazingly pigmented and longlasting on the lips. The colour range is lovely and they have some gorgeous red shades out for Christmas, I have my eye on Aurora at the moment which is a gorgeous raspberry shade! 

Bourjois Plum Russian Lip Crayon
Finally this is the lip product I have had in my handbag the past while. It is just so easy to apply, you don't even need a mirror you can't go wrong! It leaves a lovely glossy finish to the lips as well as a lovely tint of colour that you can easily layer up if you want! I am so glad Bourjois released this colour in the lip crayons because I was such a massive fan of them in Summer! 

So those are the lip products I will be reaching for the most over the holidays! Have you tried any of these products? What lip product will you be reaching for this festive season?

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Thursday, 12 December 2013

Christmas Shopping Websites | Mary Jane Fashions

Hello Lovelies! 

This is the third and final installment of my Christmas Shopping Websites posts. I have actually saved my favourite until last. This is a website I have wrote about before here but I just had to share with you some of the lovely Christmassy pieces they have on the website now! The website is Mary Jane Fashion, and since blogging about it a couple of months ago they have some new stock that I am loving! 

They have some gorgeous women's comfy onesies which I just need to get my hands on for Christmas Day after dinner! The women's range of parkas on the website is brilliant too! I was searching for ages last year for the perfect one but on the website they have such a variety you will definitely find one for you!

A very unseasonal choice but I am absolutely loving this Daisy print jumper that's in the sale so I may just need to get my hands on that! Good news for us Irish girlies, is that Mary Jane Fashion offer delivery to Ireland so it is the perfect excuse to pick up something nice for Christmas presents or something to wear on Christmas day for yourself! 

*this is a sponsored post
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Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Christmas Shopping Websites | TJ Hughes

Hello Lovelies! 

Today's post is the second of the Christmas website shopping posts that I am doing at the moment. Todays website is slightly different from the last one and it is TJ Hughes. This website stocks everything from cheap mens trainers to portable fan heaters (Random I know but definitely essential in Wintertime!

The part of this website I was most interested in of course was the Fragrance and Beauty section (surprise surprise) they sell fragrances from Calvin Klein, YSL, Lactose and Diesel and Beauty Products from Sally Hanson, L.A. Colours, Baylis & Harding and L'occitane! All the products are really good value too! So its perfect for picking up a few stocking fillers from!  

Again unfortunately for us Irish shoppers it is UK only delivery but hopefully they will offer international delivery soon! 

*this is a sponsored post
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Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Christmas Shopping Websites | David M Robinson - Designer Jewellery

Hello Lovelies!

I thought what with it coming up to Christmas and with all the stresses of buying presents for everyone that it would be nice to share with you some of the websites I have been browsing lately in the hopes of helping some of you out with your Christmas shopping! There are three websites in total and I'll be posting about them in the next couple of days. They all vary in prices and in themes so hopefully there should be something for everyone! 

Now the first website I want to share with you may not be in everybody's budget but if you want to splash out on someone I think this is definitely the way to go! I was recently trying to come up with some Christmas present ideas for certain people that are impossible to shop for (*cough Mother cough*) when I was introduced to the designer jewellery from David M Robinson website. I've literally fallen in love with all of the pieces on this website. They stock the most gorgeous women's Cartier watches which are definitely gone on my "When I win the Lotto" shopping list! Not forgetting the men in your lives they also stock Raymond Weil watches, so if your budget can stretch to something like that it will be completely worth it! My dad owns one already and he loves it! Another piece I have completely fallen for is this stunning "Flutterby" ring, everything about it even the name is cute! At the moment on the website I don't think they offer international delivery but you lucky ducks in the UK have free delivery and 6 stores that you can visit too!

Have you checked out anything from the website? What are your favourite pieces?

*this is a sponsored post
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Monday, 9 December 2013

My Skincare Additions

Hello Lovelies!

I was thinking about doing a new skin care post, but to be honest it hasn't changed that much since the last post so I thought I would show you the extra bits and pieces that I use as additions to my everyday routine to help with certain areas. 

No.7 Overnight Radiance Boost
I have raved about this product so many times in the past so it is no surprise that it is included in this post. Here is the post I have dedicated totally to this, but basically it is a chemical exfoliator, so you just need to pop it on once or twice a week and it gets rid of all the dead skin cells to leave your skin looking fresh and rejuvenated.
Una Brennan Pore Purfying Clay Mask
I have actually been using this for a few months now and I don't think I have ever included it in a post. Whenever my skin isn't looking its best I pop this on to help clear up any breakouts and to prevent any new ones. It feels lovely on the skin without stripping it too much and leaving it feeling really tight and dry. It also leaves your skin feeling really clean and refreshed after use. 

Bioderma Hydrobio Masque
This is a face mask that I tend to use once a week to help inject a bit more moisture into my skin which is definitely needed during the colder months! Some days I apply a thick layer of this all over my face and leave it on for ten minutes and others I put on a lighter layer and just leave it on over night. The lovely Jess sent this over to me from France and I'm really dreading running out of it because it will be slightly harder to get hold of. Again I have another rave review of this here if you want a bit more detail.

La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo
This has been a firm staple in my skincare routine for nearly a year now. My skin has improved so much since I've started to use this. It helps reduce any breakouts that I have and to help prevent any others coming up. I used to have a lot of little bumps under my skin that never really turning in to anything but since using this they have completely disappeared and my skin seems alot smoother. It does itch abit when you apply it but in my eyes it just feels like its doing something! 

Vichy Idelia Serum
This is the most recent addition to my little extra skincare regime. I have started to use this most mornings under my make up and every evening. It has made my skin alot healthier and plumper looking. It instantly illuminates my skin and makes it look alot fresher in the mornings which is always a good thing. Again I have a more in-depth review of this product here

The Irish persons cure for everything, I can safely say nearly every household in Ireland has a pot of this! It is actually designed for nappy rash but I have put it on burns, cuts and spots! It clears up everything and really takes the pain out of whatever you are putting it on. It is one of my staple products that I couldn't live without. I love that it comes in a tube now which I think is just so much more hygienic! If I could only pick one add-on product it would definitely be this one, I really could not be without it!

So those are the products I use in addition to my everyday skincare routine. What products do you use in addition to your everyday routine?

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Thursday, 5 December 2013

L'oreal #TXT Volume Supersizing Spray

Hello Lovelies!

You all know I am forever on the hunt for that one product to give me big hair. I have tried backcombing, the volumizing powders and have even used dry shampoo on a night out before, all in a bid to get that massive hair! I had been eying up the spray by Orbie that everyone has been raving about the past few months but to be honest I really couldn't bring myself to spend that much! So I resisted and hoped that there would be a drugstore version release soon and the beautiful people over at L'oreal answered my wishes! 

I literally snatched this off the shelves when I seen it and it was in my hair about five minutes later. Let me just say that this has been everything I have been looking for! It really does what it says on the tin. Just one or two sprays of this in your hair and a little bit of a ruffle and boom..big hair! It doesn't leave your hair feeling powdery like dry shampoo or the powders would and doesn't leave it feeling dry and crisp either. It's easily bushed out but lasts all day easily. It's smell is a bit strong and reminds me of the Elnett hairspray which luckly I like so it doesn't bother me but just if that scent isn't your thing just to be wary of that!

I hope they never stop making this product and I actually hope they bring it out in a mini because I would definitely have one for my handbag too! Finally I have big hair! If you want to give it a go, you can purchase online here.

Have you tried the L'oreal Volume Supersizing Spray? How were your results? 

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Monday, 2 December 2013

November Beauty Favourites

Hello Lovelies!

I hope you all had a brilliant weekend, I can't believe we're already in December - I'm not feeling Christmassy at all yet but we're putting up the decorations in our house next weekend hopefully so that will help. I was shopping in Galway this weekend for a few presents and of course I ended up picking up a few things for myself too...oops! So expect some reviews of the goodies I picked up in the coming weeks. 

Anyway, enough rambling and on with my November favourites! This month I have some new favourites and rediscovered some old reliables! 

Chanel Bronze Universal
This is an old favourite I have brought out yet again. It is one of those products that I stray away from but always end up coming back to it, it just never lets me down! I have been wearing a bit more fake tan the past couple of weeks and this is brilliant for helping match up some of my paler foundations to the tan. I love using it for contouring and just generally adding some warmth to my face. It smells nice too randomly enough! 

Korres Lip Butter - Jasmine 
I bought this a while ago on ASOS when they had one of their discount days, after having it in my basket for ages I thought it was about time! This really does smell gorgeous- not sure if it smells of Jasmine because I've never smelt it but I think it smells of cookies! It leaves a nice tint of pink on the lips and leaves them feeling lovely and moisturised!
NARS Copocobana Illuminator
I bought this at the same time as my Korres lip butter and again I have been lusting after this for ages! After much deliberating decided to just go for it and quickly popped it in my basket and checked out! When I was in London a few months ago I swatched it in Selfridges and was disappointed at the time because it looked really glittery and OOT. But since then all I've read about it are rave reviews and even the likes of Millie Mackintosh wears it so I decided to give it a go. I am so so glad I did, the one in Selfridges must have been abit dodgy because the one I got is not glittery in the slightest. It gives such a nice natural glow to the skin but can definitely be built up for nights out for a more dramatic look. You can use this as a standard highlighter or you can mix it in with your foundation for an all over glow. 

NAKED 2 Palette
I recently hit pan on my beloved Naked Basics palette so I decided to give it a bit of a break bless it, and I dug out the Naked 2 palette to keep my neutral eyeshadow love going! I have been reaching for this on an everyday basis and have been getting use out of all the colours! I prefer it to the original Naked palette as the colours are cooler in this one so it suits my skin tone more. It really has all you'd need in it, including a nice big mirror and a handy double ended brush! 
Vaseline Cocoa Radiant Body Moisturiser
This was a repurchase halfway through the month because to be honest I was getting a little lazy with my daily body moisturizing and the thoughts of rubbing a thick body butter in and waiting for it to dry was less than appealing so I decided to repurchase this and I purchased the Nivea in-shower body moisturiser (I told you I was feeling lazy!) to try and combat it. I have definitely learnt my lesson and I will always have this in my collection. It is just so quick and easy, you can literally spray and go. It is a nice continuous spray too, which disperses a nice fine mist. Love it! 

Vichy Idealia Life Serum
I had heard such rave reviews on this, and having never used a serum before I thought I would give it a go. My skin has been looking worse for wear- with the weather changes and with me stressing out over random stuff it is definitely taking the hit for it. But since using this it has plumped up and is looking much healthier and fresher. I apply this morning and evening. I find it makes for a great make-up base and instantly makes my skin look nicer, so even if I'm not wearing make up. Love love love! 

MAC Hue Lipstick
I have been loving two lipsticks this month, on opposite ends of the colour spectrum. First up is my beloved Hue. I have been loving this for ages now, and I bought a new one during the month and it has been in my handbag since! Its such a perfect everyday lipstick and it looks fabulous with a smokey eye too!
MAC Rebel Lipstick 
The most recent addition to my MAC lipstick collection was Rebel. Again this is something I was looking at for ages before I bought it and since getting it I have not regretted it. I have actually worn this so much both as a daytime lipstick and for night. A year ago I would have ran from wearing a lipstick like this but since then I have been trying to break out of my comfort zone, especially with lip colours. If you are debating about getting Rebel I would say definitely go for it! You can't go wrong with a colour like this, and I think it would suit every skintone! 

So those are my favourites for the month of November, hard to believe the next time I'll be writing one of these posts will be in 2014! Have you tried any of these products? What was your favourite beauty product for the month of November?

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