Wednesday, 7 October 2015

MAC Diva Lipstick & Burgundy Lipliner

 Once October rolls around, I am all about the Autumnal make-up. In my opinion nothing gets more Autumnal than a dark burgundy lip. I have been lusting after MAC's Diva for months now. I bought the Wet 'n' Wild dupe back in March but that didn't curb my craving and I just had to get the real thing. So after looking at it online for the millionth time, I ordered it. I had a Wedding to go to last weekend and I thought the colour would look perfect with my dress, and since it's a matte formula it would last all night without top-up. While I was browsing for this lipstick online I did notice a lot of people recommending to wear it with a lip-liner. I had absolutely nothing like this in my collection, but my boyfriends brother was coming through duty free at the time so I asked him to pick me up the MAC lip-liner in Burgundy which was a perfect match!

So when I applied this on Saturday night, I applied the lip-liner all over my lips- making sure the have a more precise line around the edges. I didn't have a lip brush to apply the lipstick and I feel that it would have been a nicer application with a brush. But it still glided on to the lips. Even though it is a matte finish lipstick it still has a slight sheen to it. It does set on the lips and I can guarantee that it does not budge. We had dinner that night before going out, and I looked in the mirror after stuffing my face expecting to see lipstick up to my nose- but it was still intact. A little bit faded but it had not moved. 

The colour of the lipstick is just amazing, the shade is perfect for this time of year. It was a very comfortable lipstick to wear. It didn't dry out my lips, which is a problem I tend to have with matte lipsticks. I love the lip liner so much, you could wear it on it's own for a lighter look or add the lipstick for a more amped up effect. I am so glad I got my hands on this combination and I will definitely be getting a lot of wear out of them in the coming months.


  1. They look like the perfect duo! Gorgeous shades x
    Emma | Emmys Beauty Cave

  2. These are definetely Autumn make up bag must haves!!


  3. Perfect duo - going to add these to my wish list!

    Lucy |

  4. Such a perfect combination! I'm loving bold lips this time of year!

    xo, Liz

  5. I love it, I listed this on my Fall Favorites post too :). Great choice.