Saturday, 30 June 2012

Tag: Blogging Love

Hello Lovelies!

Today I'm going to do a tag that was created by Kayleigh from CoutureGirl...If  you haven't checked out her blog you HAVE to...She is absolutely amazing and gorgeous and her blogs is one of my absoloute favourites!
I just thought that this tag was such a good shows peoples personal reasons and likes about blogging. The idea of the tag is to list 5 reasons you love blogging, your blogging aim, your top blogging tip and the name of a blogger that you feel inspired here it goes!!..

Reasons why I love blogging

1. Relaxation
After a stressful day I love nothing more than getting my make up out and taking pictures and swatches and just sitting back with my laptop and typing away to my hearts content,

2. Inspiration
This one I stole from Kayleigh...but I think blogs are such a good way of finding honest reviews about products and hearing about new products that maybe I wouldnt hear about any other way.

3. Freedom
I love the fact that my blog is my blog. I get to write my own honest opinion and write about what I want. Its a good way of keeping memories too like if I want to write about going on holidays or going to a concert I can and then maybe in the future I can look back on this...kind of like a photo album type thing!

4. The People
I love how nice everyone has been to me on my blog..I always get lovely comments and even some people that I know in real life have told me that they like reading my blog. Theres nothing better than getting a comment on something that you have written from someone telling you that they've really enjoyed reading your post. 

5. Reason to Keep buying Make-Up
By having my own blog it can always be my go-to excuse for buying more make up than I need...(but they're mostly essentials I swear!!) But I really do love buying and trying out new make up and as sad as it sounds sometimes I don't want to ruin the pretty packaging by actually using the make up but taking pictures of the products make me feel slightly better about the whole thing!

Blogging Aim- 
My blogging aim is to continue enjoying blogging as much as I am today..and hopefully make some new friends along the way! 

Blogging Tip-
My blogging tip is to read and talk to lots of different bloggers, you can get inspiration from anywhere and do be sure to let them know that you've enjoyed their post because as I've said before it feels good when someone comments on something that you have put effort and time into writing saying that they've enjoyed it! 

Blogger Who Inspired Me-
Funnyily enough the blogger who inspired me to start my own was Kayleigh herself! I had been reading other peoples blogs before I discovered hers but once I seen her's it really was inspiration to me that I could do that too!..I admire her writing style, her fashion sense..and when she followed my blog & twitter..I may have squealed with excitement a bit! Thank you Kayleigh!

So thats the tag everyone...I tag you all to do it! Please leave a link to your post if you do do it down below or on Kayleighs page..I'm sure she'd love to read them! :)



  1. Found you through Kayleighs twitter! I love this tag, so interesting to read everyones answers! My tag post will be up tomorrow x