Tuesday, 5 June 2012

My Most Worn...

I've seen this tag floating around for awhile both on YouTube and on different blogs..I think its a really interesting tag just to see what peoples favourite items are.



MAC's Shy Girl..such a pretty peachy nude...I wear it almost every day. IN.LOVE.WITH.IT!


These are a fairly recent purchase from Topshop,..but I have worn them more than I have any other pair of earrings that I own..(I forgot to photograph these so sorry about that picture!)


I just adore this t-shirt..The colour is the most gorgeous shade of red (the picture really doesn't do it justice) I bought it in New York about two years ago and it has been a staple in my wardrobe ever since!


I love love LOVE mint on my nails..it looks amazing with a tan,.this one by Rimmel (500 Peppermint) has a lovely formula and lasts for ages.


I kind of cheated for this one because we have such weird weather in Ireland...so I have some "Nice Weather" shoes and some "Irish Weather" Shoes.

These are my better weather shoes..they just go with everything, I actually got them in Pennies(Primark) for about €5 in the sale.. BARGAIN!

And these are my everyday Irish weather shoes..even though they're boots. As you will probally notice from the pictures..I have literally worn these to death..they are so comfy and if they ever eventually die completely on me...I'll be heartbroken!


I always try and use some form of heat protectant on my hair..purely to get rid of the guilt of using a straighteners, curlers, hair dryer on my hair...Plus this Aussie one smells devine!


Calvin Kleins Eurphoria..My go to perfume..such a gorgeous scent. I always feel glamorous and grown up with it on!


I literally can not say how much I love this handbag...I bought it on eBay for less than a tenner and if I'm going by cost per wear I'd be in minus figures now! Its perfect for the day and going out also.

Hope you enjoyed this tag...If you've done it or decide to do it please leave a link below because I love reading them! :) 

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