Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Inglot Purchase

Hello Lovelies!

I was up in Dublin on Tuesday for the night and on the way back home I popped into Liffey Valley shopping centre to have a quick browse..I had actually had forgot that there was an Inglot in Liffey Valley and when I seen it I got exxxxtremely excited!

As I said before I live out in the sticks and I am surrounded by green fields & Inglot is pretty much non-existent where I this was my first Inglot experience! Yay!

I got one of the "Freedom" Pallets and I decided to go for neutrals because I knew that way I would get the use out of them. This cost me €30 which I thought was pretty good for a pallet of 4 highly pigmented eye shadows.

First off I am in love with the magnet packaging...its so sleek and unusual looking..I don't have anything similar to this in my make up collection!

The pigmentation in these eye shadows are just out of this world!! They blend like a dream and when I was talking to the sales girl (who was sooo lovely & helpful) she said that I'll probably never change to another eyeshadow brand again and I can see her being right!

Colours L-R..Cream 355..Bronze Shimmer 405..Dark Brown 329..Medium Brown 337



  1. I am dying to try out one of these make shift palettes, but really cannot justify spending more money on eyeshadows haha! x x

    1. They really are so amazing!..I totally agree with you about not liking spending money on eyeshadows tho..some of my favourites are from the natural collection! :Dxx