Wednesday, 13 June 2012

The Titanic Experiance

Hello Lovelies!

Recently my family & me took a little trip to Belfast to visit the new Titanic centre that had newly opened to commerate the 100 year anniversary of the Titanic.
I have always been really interested in the story of the Titanic so this was right up my street. The building itself was in the shape of the front of the ship (although if you ask me it resembled an iceberge too!)
Its a self guided tour around the centre taking you through alot of the steps of the Titanics life- the building, the journey, the sinking and the after-math.
It was an amazing experiance and I learnt so much, it was also extremely sad to read about these people who had just boarded this ship never expecting it to be their last journey ever...

Random Sign                                           The First Class Rooms on the Titanic

A very dark me!

A copy of the Payslips for the builders of the Ship.

A copy of the lifeboats.

Some quick snaps I took on my phone...sorry about the quality!


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