Wednesday, 28 November 2012

ELF Haul

Hello Lovelies!

It is absolutely freezing in Ireland at the moment, plus there are road works DIRECTLY outside my bedroom window so every few minutes there is a loud bang and I nearly poop myself because I'm alone in the house and I don't know what's going on! Help!

So yes..I did something bad. I may have made another online order. This time I made one on ELF. It was free shipping! (yes I am trying to justify it!)
I've only every made one small buy from ELF before but I was really impressed. The prices are absolutely amazing and the quality of the make-up is brilliant so I think it's definitely worth checking out the website! 
If a website has free shipping I am much more inclined to order from them, I don't know why but I just hate paying for shipping! So when ELF had their free shipping code out I made not one but two orders!

I picked up a few things that I've been wanting for awhile so I decided to just go for it.
So in the first package I picked up two pairs of false lashes. I chose both the natural and dramatic lashes. I haven't tried these yet but I'm looking forward to using them on a night out!
Next thing was one of the things that I have wanted to get for ages and it is the Eyelash and Brow Clear Mascara. I use these to keep my brows in place through out the day. I think it's amazing, my eyebrows don't move when I have this on, and it doesn't leave that horrible wet gel feeling that a lot of brow gel I use does!
Then I went abit crazy on the brushes. I got the eyelash and brow want, two blending brushes, cuticle pushers, an eyeshadow brush and finally the face Kabuki brush which I have been wanting for aggges and it is sooo soft!!

So that was all I got in the first order...but of course me being me decided that one order wasn't enough and I couldn't restrain myself so I went on the website again and put in another order (oops!)
This time I picked up another set of lashes but this time I went for the individual lash kit, I can't wait to try these over the Christmas nights! 
Then I picked up more items that have been on my wishlist for awhile, starting with the HD powder. This is a loose powder so I am abit afraid of it! Then I picked out one of the All Over Colour Sticks in Pink Lemonade, I'm loving this so far apart from the smell..It smells like chocolate orange which is abit weird I think! Next I got one of the Studio Conditioning Lip Balms in Mellow Melon, I'm loving this too! The colour is gorgeous! And the final two things I chose were the Make up Mist & Set and the Studio Powder brush, I think I prefer the studio line because even though its a little bit more expensive the products are slightly better quality and the packaging is so much better too!

So that is all the make up bits that I bought on ELF. If you'd like me to review anything I've got just let me know! Now I'm off for my walk and trying to avoid the road work men! 

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Sunday, 25 November 2012

Beauty Wishlist

Hello Lovelies!

I tried out a new website today that I first heard about on the lovely Kayleigh's blog. The website is called Beauty Sets and you can create gorgeous collages for tutorials, favourites and like I have done, a wish list!

Coming up to Christmas I find I'm adding things to my wishlist everyday...HELP!
So I thought I would show you some of the things I have been lusting after lately!

Essie Lilacism
I've been recently on the hunt for a new Lilac nail polish. I love Essie polishes, my love has grown for them over the past year and since they have released their diffusion line in Boots my collection has grown alot!

Soleil Tan de Chanel
One of the most popular make-up items across the Blogging and YouTube community over the past year or two and yes I have fallen for the hype. Who doesn't love a bit of Chanel? The beauty of the packaging of this product aside, I have wanted to dabble into the world of cream bronzers for awhile and I think this is the one to do it with!

Thierry Muglar Alien
I have never been the biggest fan of "Angel" by Thierry Muglar but recently I got a little tester of Alien in a magazine and I fell in love...hard. It's gorgeous but I can't find anywhere near me that sells it, so hopefully Santy is good to me!

Benefit Bella Bamba
Yet another item that I have been lusting after for ages but for this I think it is the price that puts me off this! I love the majority of the Benefit products but this is one that I have been eyeing up for so long that I think the girls that work at the counter know who I am from coming up and trying it out time and time again!

Stila In The Light
Seeing this featured on many many blogs over the past few months I have fallen in love (shocking) I do own the NAKED pallet but I find these colours to be abit more versatile. Plus you get a free eyeliner with it too which works out as quite the bargain!

Wah Nail Art Book 
As you all know I love doing my nails and I am abit nail art crazy! So this book would be the perfect Christmas pressie (hint hint!)

MAC Deep Adorned 
As soon as I heard that MAC were releasing a Marilyn Monroe collection I knew I would want a few items. But unfortunately I don't live near a MAC counter so  I didn't get a chance to nab a few pieces. I have seen this appear over a few blog posts and cry a little inside everytime.

So now I'm off to go get ready for The X-Factor and I'm a Celeb! I'm loving James Arthur and Jahmene...don't even get me started on what happened on last weeks show..whhhy Ella?! 

Whats on your Beauty Wishlist at the moment? 

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Friday, 23 November 2012

Desktop Essentials

Hello Lovelies!

Working in an office job I find there are a few items that I always need in my handbag or in my drawer. I reach for these items at least once throughout everyday and if I didn't have them I would definitely would be lost!

Hand Sanitizer
One of the biggest necessities I have at work. Working in an office you wouldn't think your hands would get that dirty but you're handling paper with ink on them, lifting phones, typing on different keyboards etc. It may not seem like alot but I don't want to have all that on my hands, touching my face and all that..ick! So yes hand sanitizer is a must have!

Soap & Glory Hand Food
Leading on from the hand sanitizer, I need a hand cream to prevent my hands drying out! Soap & Glory's Hand Food is my absolute favourite hand cream at the moment, it doesn't leave your hands feeling greasy or caked in product. It smells absolutely devine and of course the packaging looks mega cute too!

Nail File
Nothing worse than breaking a nail and having a sharp piece sticking out and pulling on your clothes and being jagged and horrible! Ick! So a nail file is without a doubt an everyday essential for me.

Chewing Gum
I'm always speaking to different people throughout my day and I'm always really paranoid about my breath while I'm talking to a person. I'm so scared of having bad breath so I always have a packet of chewing gum on me. Peppermint is my favourite, spearmint makes my stomach hurt! (random)

And finally to avoid the dreaded chapped lips nothing can beat Carmex! Throughout the winter months this will just be a general essential for me. My nose gets abit sore thanks to the lovely weather that we have here in Ireland so I put a little bit on my nose while I'm out and about to stop it getting cracked and nasty (Sorry TMI!)

Is there anything I'm forgetting that should be in my Desktop Essentials? Let me know!

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Tuesday, 20 November 2012

My Ombre Hair

Hello Lovelies!

This is a post that I have been meaning to write for absolutely ages and I've finally decided to get motivated and get writing!

Just to give you abit of hair history, I have hair that hasn't grown since I've left school (4 years to be exact!) so I rely on hair extensions for the length I crave so badly! I'm not the biggest fan of my hair, it literally takes forever to grow, I was blonde back in the day and that caused quite alot of damage *tear!* and since then I've been trying to grow it to a decent length.

I know what you're thinking, Danielle bleaching the ends of you're hair is not the way to achieve long-ness! But fear not you gorgeous people I just bleached my extensions! I do sometimes wish I could bleach my own but I know deep down it would just not be worth it. 

I love ombre hair in general, I feel it makes hair abit more interesting and adds texture and depth to your hair too. Plus with my hair extensions I have the option of having an ombre day or not having an ombre day just if I'm not feeling it for some reason on any certain day.

To dye my hair extentions I used the Jerome Russell Bblonde Hair Lightener for Medium to Dark Brown hair, and literally just scrunched it into the ends of the extentions, left it for about 20-30 minutes and then deep conditioned the life out of them! I was really surprised and impressed at how blonde they came out after washing/drying and styling them. Major thumbs up Jerome!

What do you think of ombre hair? Is it done? Do you still love it as much as I do? Let me know! 

Also has anyone got Pinterest? I am obsessing over it at the moment! Please come join me, my username is danielle232

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Sunday, 18 November 2012


Hello Lovelies!

Oooooh I did something bad. I made a sneaky online order on ASOS (Totally their fault for sending me a 25% off code) and I thought to justify this purchase I will blog and show you the purdy nail polish colours I bought! (There may have also been a sneaky order or two made on the ELF website so let me know if you'd like me to justify my purchases there and show you all!)

So I've recently been loving Model's Own nail polishes so I picked up three. Two from the new Wonderland collection, I got Snowflakes and Blizzard. I also got one from the Beetlejuice collection named Indian Ocean.  I haven't worn these on my nails yet but expect some NOTD posts including them! 
This Model's Own obsession is beginning to get out of hand because I just ordered some of the HedKandi was on would have been wrong not too!...(Please send help.)

I have been eyeing up the new Rimmel nail polishes so I popped two into my ASOS basket! The ones I chose are Purple Reign and Pearly Queen. I've just applied Purple Reign to my nails and I'm loving it so far. I used three coats but you would get away with using two, I was just being eager!

And I ordered the Kate Moss Lipstick I had been lusting over! Its in #111 "Kiss of Life"...yay it has a name!  This is the matt pillar box lipstick that I'm hoping will be "the one". 

Did you make any purchases with the ASOS 25% code? Let me know!

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Friday, 16 November 2012

Cute Christmas Gifts - With a Twist! Guest Post!

Hi! My name's Laura and I'm really happy to be doing a guest post today for the lovely Danielle! I mainly blog and review beauty products on my blog Laura's Haven but I also like to write about clothes, travel, films and random little bits about me! This post is going to be about Christmas gifts for your friends, but a bit different to those you may have seen around! While I love the gift sets I've been seeing around, I tend to find that I get a lot of bath gift sets or scrubs/moisturisers around Christmas that I hardly ever use! Instead, why not give a skincare set or perhaps something personalised to remind them that you have put thought into what they would really appreciate as a gift! Without further ado, here's a couple of the most fantastic value gifts I've seen this year!

Origins Mask Marvels - £29.99
This is a little pricey to start off with, but if you love someone extra much why not treat them and their skin to these three masks from Origins! Said to be some of the best face masks on the market right now, they usually retail for £18 per 100ml. This set has 3 75ml masks - you can't say much better than £10 each! If you're looking for a smaller gift, you could split the set and just give somebody one mask as part of a little gift bag of presents!

The World's Top Fashion Blogs - Urban Outfitters, £16.99
Into style? A perfect present for a friend that loves her fashion blogging, a book of the most famous fashion blogs of the last decade. An interesting read in seeing how blogging has developed, to flick through in search of style inspiration and even to find some new reading!

Benefit bright! Radiant Skincare - £9 (!!!)
When I spotted this online, I could barely believe what I was seeing! Six Benefit mini's for £9 as a starter set is incredible value and would make a fantastic gift for somebody just getting into skincare and beauty. I'm almost tempted to buy this for myself!

Vintage Frames Scrapbook - Paperchase, £10
Something for somebody that you're close to perhaps: fill this with photos of fun times you've shared together, gig tickets, write in funny memories - a great personal gift! Or, if they're more into fashion, fill it with photos of fashion shows and beauty articles. Or, just leave it for them to decide! A really cute and thoughtful present.

Ole Henriksen 3 Little Wonders - £15
I spotted this on the John Lewis website and couldn't quite believe my eyes at the price! Ole Henriksen isn't as well heard of as the other products, but anybody receiving this gift will have skincare set of the highest quality! I've tried the Truth Serum through Glossybox and it is INCREDIBLE. This is my number 1 recommendation if you want to give somebody something really high end and special. To put it into perspective, the 15ml Truth Serum alone is worth around £20! 
So anyway, I really hope you've enjoyed this and I've done an okay job as my first guest post! Danielle has also done a review post on my blog so if you fancy reading that, do go and check it out on my blog! Thanks for reading guys!
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Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Kate Moss for Rimmel Matte Lipstick in #107

Hello Lovelies!

Now we all know I'm partial to a nice lipstick and when I heard that there was new colours being released in the Kate Moss range I was excited...but when I realised they were going to be matte I knew I was going to fall in love.

I always prefer the matte look, may it be in lipsticks, eyeshadows or blushes, I always opt for matt over shimmer! I like how it looks on, I just find it looks more natural and it's not as harsh looking as shimmer can be sometimes a bit overpowering and OTT.

So recently I went on a splurge in Boots (3 for 2 is my downfall let me tell you!) and picked up one the shades they had in stock! I went for the gorgeous deep red/burgundy colour. How very autumnal of me! 

I love the finish of these lipsticks, and they're not drying at all like you would think a matte formula would be. It has a gorgeous creamy finish. 

The colour selection is reasonable. They have something for everyone I think. The next one I'm going to pick up is defiantly #111 which is a blood red. I have been on the hunt for a matte blood red colour for quite a while so fingers crossed this is "the one"!

Have you picked up any of the lipsticks from this range? Let me know what you think!

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Sunday, 11 November 2012

Instagram Diary

Hello Lovelies!

Another Instagram Diary post for you today! I've been feeling really sick the past week, boo! But hoping next week will be abit better. Is anyone else as excited as me for I'm a Celebrity tonight? Yaaay! 

• Date night with himself • My Bedroom • Lunch with Mammy • FOTD 
• Getting Spoiled! • My First Lip Butter! • Hitting Pan! • Being proud of my stats! 
• This confused me! • Love! • Halloween with my Bestie! • Jack! 
• Vintage Roses • Halloween with Himself! • Red Lip • Pink Obsessed 

My Instagram username is @_danielleom

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Friday, 9 November 2012

Tan Ban Update

Hello Lovelies,

I have a confession...about the Tan Ban. 

Yes...I'm afraid I failed. 


I don't know what I was thinking at the time but I must have forgotten how much I hate being pale. I am literally see-through without some tan on and when I'm not tanned I just don't feel all that confident. I hate how pale I actually am, now don't get me wrong I don't want to go out looking like a shade of mahogany but I like the sun-kissed, healthy look! Also is it just me but I feel skinnier and happier with my body when I'm tanned!

Anyway...just so you all don't think I'm a total failure at life I thought I would do a little review on the tan I have been using lately.

Now you've all heard about it a million times but yes I also love it, it is the infamous St Moriz. So similar to St Tropez its funny but the price tag is so much kinder on the pocket!
I have been using the shade medium in this. Before my tan ban I was hardcore and used dark, but lately I feel that the medium is a much more natural colour and if I want to pump things up abit for a night out (cause I go out so much doncha know?) I have the option of using the dark.

My favourite formula is the moouse. I think it's the easiest, you put it on (I normally put it on before bedtime) let it develop and then wash the excess off and it leaves you with a lovely even colour. I've never had any problems with streaking or anything like that. I apply mine with a tanning mitt (avoiding dodgy orange palms!) that I usually pick up in Pennies/Primark. 

It gives a gorgeous colour, the only thing I would say about the moouse is that it is really drying on my skin, so be sure to have a good moisturiser to hand!

I normally pick this up for about €4-5 depending on where I get it. Completely bargainous and I will repurchase this over and over again.

So there is my little review, I hope you can forgive me for failing quite miserably on my tan ban!

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Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Empties #2

Hello Lovelies!

It's been along time since I've done an empties post, and to be completely honest it's because it's taken me this long to come up with a decent amount of empty products (that I didn't throw away by accident..oops!) to actually do a post on. 
I do love when other people do these posts because I think it's a great way to get an honest opinion on a product because you can actually see that they have used it all and they can tell you about their experience with it which you'll know is going to be from more than one or two tries of the product!

So on with my empties!...

Liz Earle Instant Tonic Boost
I love this toner, it's one of the best that I've tried (and I do love my toner!) I adore the smell of it and I find it really cooling on the skin. I find it sooths any breakouts I may get too and make them not so angry looking as they normally are. I really wish Liz Earle was easier to get hold of in Ireland, I get my products online but I would love to be able to walk into a shop near me and be able to pick them up.

Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation 
This must be the fifth bottle of this foundation I've gone through. It's quite a popular foundation with the entire female population and it's presence has been very well noticed on the blogging and youtubing scene this year.  I totally am in love with this foundation, I love the finish, the longevity, the smell, the packaging..the only thing I don't like is the shade selection. I use the colour 103-True Ivory and I do need to have abit of a tan going on for this to match. 

N-Spa Fruit Vanilla Crème Brulee Shower & Bath Gel
This bottle has been going for absolutely ages and I'm so happy I've finally finished it. I bought it back in April I think and have been using it ever since. It literally smells like you could eat it. I couldn't even begin to describe the smell except to say it's heavenly! I only discovered towards the end of the bottle that you could use it as a bubble bath as well so I'll definitely be repurchasing that because it is A-mazing as a bubble bath!

Benefit They're Real Mascara
Now you all know my feelings on this. This mascara is my holy grail mascara and has been for quite awhile now. I am quite the mascara fiend. I love trying out new ones and dabbling in different makes and formulas and brushes etc, but I've always come back to this mascara to use. It hasn't failed me yet, I've gotten so many compliments on my eyelashes when I'm wearing this!

Maybelline The Falsies Volum' Express Flared Mascara
This is another firm favourite in the mascara club! I use this for a different look to "They're Real" as I find that mascara lengthens my eyelashes fantastically. I would use The Falsies for a much more voluminous look. It adds amazing volume and a little bit of length to my lashes. I would use this on days when I'm feeling like a more dramatic lash look!
Vaseline Coco Butter
I had one of these in my last empties too, which just goes to show how much I absolutely adore this stuff! I got the pot version this time to try and avoid the situation I had last time with the chopping of the bottle, but I actually found I was inclined to use so much more product when I was just scooping it out with my fingers. Maybe thats just me being weird but I didn't find I got alot out of this pot. Nevertheless I adore this product and I will continue to repurchase it over and over and over again!

Maybelline Dream Lumitouch Highlighting Concealer
This has fast over-taken any other concealer I have ever used. Being a firm favourite of the YSL Touche Eclat but not so much of the price tag, I was on the hunt for a dupe for quite awhile. Then mamma bear gave me this as a part of my birthday present and it was love at first conceal! I use this under my eyes to waken them up and down the sides of my nose to try and give my skin a bit of a "radiant" look to it. I adore this and have already re-purchased another one! Yay!

Hask Argan Oil
Another item that was in my last empties products post too. This is the Primark/Pennys hair oil. My best friend first introduced me to this at the start of the Summer and I must have gone through about four or five bottles since then. It's cheap as chips and works wonders for my hair. I'm finding it hard to get again purely because I don't live near a Primark but as soon as I'm at one again I will be stocking up on these!

So there you have it, all my empties for the past while. I hope you enjoyed! 

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Monday, 5 November 2012

Tag | Why Do You Wear Make Up

    Image from Weheart it (edited by moi!..if only I owned some YSL lippie!)

Hello Lovelies!

I've seen this tag floating around a lot of blogs lately and its become one of my favourites to read, it's nice to get an insight into different peoples backgrounds of make-up and of how their obsessions began. I tag everyone who reads this to do this tag, please link it below because I love reading them!

1. When did you begin loving make-up?
I was always intrigued by make-up. When I was in secondary school I would always beg my mum to let me do her make-up and bless her she would always sit there patiently while I quite literally painted her face in make-up. I was obsessed with bright lipsticks so she would usually end up looking like she got in a fight with a box of crayolas..(sorry mum!) I didnt really start wearing make-up myself until I was about 15 or 16/ I started wearing foundation (the Maybellline moose one...shudder) and black eyeliner - lots of eyeliner! Since then I hope I've gotten a bit better at choosing and applying make-up...but the obsession is still definitely there!

2. How do you feel without make-up?
I don't feel horribly bad with no make-up on, but I wouldnt choose to go out with none on! When I'm at home I happily toddle around with a bare face and my hair in a top knot (attractive let me tell you!) But if I know someone is coming around or if I need to go to the shop I'd have to put on a little foundation and mascara. Hopefully one day I will be able to embrace the bare face!

3. What do you like about make-up?
I love how confident make-up can make a person. Make-up can have very different meanings for different people and it can mean alot more for some people. To me it would take something as simple as some mascara or false eyelashes to give me a confidence boost but to some people make up could cover up a scar they may have been bullied about and give them the confidence to leave the house. It really is amazing that make up can bring someone so much confidence and happiness. 

4. Three Holy Grail Items-

MAC-Omega Eyeshadow
This definitely does not look like much in the pan, but I have gotten so many uses for this little beauty. I use it for my everyday eyeshadow, filling in my eye brows and I also use it for contouring my non-existant cheek-bones!

Benefits They're Real Mascara
This has been a perminit resident in my make-up bag for nearly a year now. It gives my lashes amazing length that they really need. Plus I could not tell you how many times people have asked me was I wearing falsies (I wasn't) so it really lives up to its name!

NARS Laguna
Yes I know you are probably sick of hearing me harp on about this over and over again but I promise it is all completely justified! This stuff is a god-send, I don't know how I didn't own it earlier in my "make-up" life but I have now and there is no going back!

I hope you enjoyed reading my answers to this tag, don't forget to link me to your post if you have done it too! 

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Sunday, 4 November 2012

Halloween Madness

Hello Lovelies!

I just thought I would share a couple of pictures from the Halloween festivities!
I'm not normally one to get all excited for Halloween, I kind of just skip forward to Christmas but this year I decided to embrace the Halloween-ness and go all out!

The Saturday before Halloween myself and my boyfriend went out for a friends birthday and I dressed up as a cat (yes yes I know I'm original) and then on Halloween night myself & my best friend dressed up as zombie dolls! She did my make up amazingly, I kept getting little frights every time I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror!

Hope you all had a fabulous Halloween!

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Friday, 2 November 2012

NOTD - Models Own Boogie Nights

Hello Lovelies! 

I just wanted to write a quick post to show you my nails today! As you know I went on abit of a nail polish buying spree awhile ago and picked up one of the Models Own Mirrorball collection polishes. 

The one I picked was Boogie Nights. I thought that this would be the one I would get the most wear out of because I don't normally wear green or blue polishes so I thought purple was the way to go!

Getting this nail polish to work for me was alot harder than I originally thought! I couldn't find a good base colour to go with it for ages. I thought it looked slightly messy on top of lighter colours and alot of the darker ones just over-shadowed it and you couldn't see the glitter at all.

Eventually on a nail-wheel I paired it with Natural Collection's Cosmic Crush and I actually really liked it! I've had this on my nails all week and I love how it looks! (Also please excuse my little stumps of nails...I broke three nails over the weekend so decided to chop them all...tear!)

What do you think of this pairing? 

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