Sunday, 11 November 2012

Instagram Diary

Hello Lovelies!

Another Instagram Diary post for you today! I've been feeling really sick the past week, boo! But hoping next week will be abit better. Is anyone else as excited as me for I'm a Celebrity tonight? Yaaay! 

• Date night with himself • My Bedroom • Lunch with Mammy • FOTD 
• Getting Spoiled! • My First Lip Butter! • Hitting Pan! • Being proud of my stats! 
• This confused me! • Love! • Halloween with my Bestie! • Jack! 
• Vintage Roses • Halloween with Himself! • Red Lip • Pink Obsessed 

My Instagram username is @_danielleom


  1. It looks that that was a super fun week!!! I love all the pink stuff! xx

    1. Haha I just realised how much pink there actually is in that picture haha xx

  2. I was your 200th follower! Love your blog! xx

  3. I got tricked by one of those tap to load images on Instagram too. Sneaky!

  4. Love your blog!