Friday, 23 November 2012

Desktop Essentials

Hello Lovelies!

Working in an office job I find there are a few items that I always need in my handbag or in my drawer. I reach for these items at least once throughout everyday and if I didn't have them I would definitely would be lost!

Hand Sanitizer
One of the biggest necessities I have at work. Working in an office you wouldn't think your hands would get that dirty but you're handling paper with ink on them, lifting phones, typing on different keyboards etc. It may not seem like alot but I don't want to have all that on my hands, touching my face and all that..ick! So yes hand sanitizer is a must have!

Soap & Glory Hand Food
Leading on from the hand sanitizer, I need a hand cream to prevent my hands drying out! Soap & Glory's Hand Food is my absolute favourite hand cream at the moment, it doesn't leave your hands feeling greasy or caked in product. It smells absolutely devine and of course the packaging looks mega cute too!

Nail File
Nothing worse than breaking a nail and having a sharp piece sticking out and pulling on your clothes and being jagged and horrible! Ick! So a nail file is without a doubt an everyday essential for me.

Chewing Gum
I'm always speaking to different people throughout my day and I'm always really paranoid about my breath while I'm talking to a person. I'm so scared of having bad breath so I always have a packet of chewing gum on me. Peppermint is my favourite, spearmint makes my stomach hurt! (random)

And finally to avoid the dreaded chapped lips nothing can beat Carmex! Throughout the winter months this will just be a general essential for me. My nose gets abit sore thanks to the lovely weather that we have here in Ireland so I put a little bit on my nose while I'm out and about to stop it getting cracked and nasty (Sorry TMI!)

Is there anything I'm forgetting that should be in my Desktop Essentials? Let me know!


  1. Definitely a mini hair brush or comb and a spare tie/some grips! Great choices :) x

  2. The handfood smells soo good. Just like Chanel COCO.

  3. omg u can find that too in my bag I dont work so no desk heheh, also a hair brush U never know when or where ur hair will get messy :p
    thx for sharing xx

    1. haha agreed, especially my birds nest! Can't believe I forgot it! xxx

  4. I have all of these things on my desk! Im like Lauren too, I have a hair brush and some clips too :) My desk is so pink, I have so many pink files rather than boring company files! haha! xx

  5. I always use S&G hand cream at work! Where I work, sometimes my hands get so dry that I can't even touch anything without it hurting! xxx

  6. Soap and Glory do a hand sanitiser that smells just like hand food - its only £2.50 too!

  7. Are you satisfied with the emery board? I've recently read an article that it's very harmful to your nails and that glass nail files should be used only. The pictures showing the damage are quite dreadful... You can check out the article here if you're interested -

    1. Wow, thanks for posting the link, I never knew than an emery board could damage your nails that much. I've heard that the glass files are great, though. I think I'll try them out. ;) The Aveniro ones seem to be of high quality, do you have any experience with them?