Friday, 16 November 2012

Cute Christmas Gifts - With a Twist! Guest Post!

Hi! My name's Laura and I'm really happy to be doing a guest post today for the lovely Danielle! I mainly blog and review beauty products on my blog Laura's Haven but I also like to write about clothes, travel, films and random little bits about me! This post is going to be about Christmas gifts for your friends, but a bit different to those you may have seen around! While I love the gift sets I've been seeing around, I tend to find that I get a lot of bath gift sets or scrubs/moisturisers around Christmas that I hardly ever use! Instead, why not give a skincare set or perhaps something personalised to remind them that you have put thought into what they would really appreciate as a gift! Without further ado, here's a couple of the most fantastic value gifts I've seen this year!

Origins Mask Marvels - £29.99
This is a little pricey to start off with, but if you love someone extra much why not treat them and their skin to these three masks from Origins! Said to be some of the best face masks on the market right now, they usually retail for £18 per 100ml. This set has 3 75ml masks - you can't say much better than £10 each! If you're looking for a smaller gift, you could split the set and just give somebody one mask as part of a little gift bag of presents!

The World's Top Fashion Blogs - Urban Outfitters, £16.99
Into style? A perfect present for a friend that loves her fashion blogging, a book of the most famous fashion blogs of the last decade. An interesting read in seeing how blogging has developed, to flick through in search of style inspiration and even to find some new reading!

Benefit bright! Radiant Skincare - £9 (!!!)
When I spotted this online, I could barely believe what I was seeing! Six Benefit mini's for £9 as a starter set is incredible value and would make a fantastic gift for somebody just getting into skincare and beauty. I'm almost tempted to buy this for myself!

Vintage Frames Scrapbook - Paperchase, £10
Something for somebody that you're close to perhaps: fill this with photos of fun times you've shared together, gig tickets, write in funny memories - a great personal gift! Or, if they're more into fashion, fill it with photos of fashion shows and beauty articles. Or, just leave it for them to decide! A really cute and thoughtful present.

Ole Henriksen 3 Little Wonders - £15
I spotted this on the John Lewis website and couldn't quite believe my eyes at the price! Ole Henriksen isn't as well heard of as the other products, but anybody receiving this gift will have skincare set of the highest quality! I've tried the Truth Serum through Glossybox and it is INCREDIBLE. This is my number 1 recommendation if you want to give somebody something really high end and special. To put it into perspective, the 15ml Truth Serum alone is worth around £20! 
So anyway, I really hope you've enjoyed this and I've done an okay job as my first guest post! Danielle has also done a review post on my blog so if you fancy reading that, do go and check it out on my blog! Thanks for reading guys!


  1. Great ideas! I spotted the benefit skincare set too and am getting it for a friend!


  2. The Origins masks are definately on my christmas list, same for the benefit skincare set!