Sunday, 25 November 2012

Beauty Wishlist

Hello Lovelies!

I tried out a new website today that I first heard about on the lovely Kayleigh's blog. The website is called Beauty Sets and you can create gorgeous collages for tutorials, favourites and like I have done, a wish list!

Coming up to Christmas I find I'm adding things to my wishlist everyday...HELP!
So I thought I would show you some of the things I have been lusting after lately!

Essie Lilacism
I've been recently on the hunt for a new Lilac nail polish. I love Essie polishes, my love has grown for them over the past year and since they have released their diffusion line in Boots my collection has grown alot!

Soleil Tan de Chanel
One of the most popular make-up items across the Blogging and YouTube community over the past year or two and yes I have fallen for the hype. Who doesn't love a bit of Chanel? The beauty of the packaging of this product aside, I have wanted to dabble into the world of cream bronzers for awhile and I think this is the one to do it with!

Thierry Muglar Alien
I have never been the biggest fan of "Angel" by Thierry Muglar but recently I got a little tester of Alien in a magazine and I fell in love...hard. It's gorgeous but I can't find anywhere near me that sells it, so hopefully Santy is good to me!

Benefit Bella Bamba
Yet another item that I have been lusting after for ages but for this I think it is the price that puts me off this! I love the majority of the Benefit products but this is one that I have been eyeing up for so long that I think the girls that work at the counter know who I am from coming up and trying it out time and time again!

Stila In The Light
Seeing this featured on many many blogs over the past few months I have fallen in love (shocking) I do own the NAKED pallet but I find these colours to be abit more versatile. Plus you get a free eyeliner with it too which works out as quite the bargain!

Wah Nail Art Book 
As you all know I love doing my nails and I am abit nail art crazy! So this book would be the perfect Christmas pressie (hint hint!)

MAC Deep Adorned 
As soon as I heard that MAC were releasing a Marilyn Monroe collection I knew I would want a few items. But unfortunately I don't live near a MAC counter so  I didn't get a chance to nab a few pieces. I have seen this appear over a few blog posts and cry a little inside everytime.

So now I'm off to go get ready for The X-Factor and I'm a Celeb! I'm loving James Arthur and Jahmene...don't even get me started on what happened on last weeks show..whhhy Ella?! 

Whats on your Beauty Wishlist at the moment? 


  1. I have the Soleil Tan De Chanel and I LOVE IT! :D x

    1. Oooh I'm definitly going to get it this Christmas!:D xxx

  2. great list I also want that mac lipstick looks great
    have a great day xxx

  3. Great wish list! I want the MAC lipstick as well :)

    xx Monica
    Makeup And London

  4. I'd love to try that Chanel bronzer, sounds lovely and I'm a sucker for the Chanel logo!
    Daniella x

    1. Me too haha It would look so pretty just on a dressing table too:D xxx

  5. Alien is the best perfume everrr! such a good scent for winter too xx

  6. I have the Stila Palette! The colours are gorgeous but they have a lot of fall out so beware!
    Bella Bamba looks gorgeous!

    :) xxx

    1. Oooh I'll definitely be careful! Thanks hun! :) xx

  7. I really want to try the Chanel bronzer, still haven't got round to purchasing it so might put it on my xmas list! I wish I would've purchased a few lippies from the Monroe collection too..gutted I missed out :( x

    1. Maybe they'll bring out some more! Fingers crossed!:D xxx

  8. I love the red lipstick by gaga! A must have product!

  9. That essie nail polish looks lovely x