Thursday, 4 September 2014

Going Bare-Faced?

If you follow me on twitter you will know I recently went a week without makeup. I had a family wedding coming up and I wanted my skin to look good for it. So since I was on holidays from work for the week leading up to the wedding I decided to go cold turkey on the makeup front and didn’t put anything near my face for the five days before the wedding.

 You might be thinking that this is a different blog post coming from me, considering I usually just stick to the beauty reviews and it is but I just wanted to share my experiences with you. Now as you may have gathered from reading my blog I do tend to wear make up on a daily basis. Even if it’s just a little bit of CC cream and mascara, I just feel that little bit more confident with it and above all I just really enjoy applying it and it is part of my daily routine. So to go from that to a bare face was a big step for me. Granted it was a little easier because I didn’t have to go into work but I was still out and about on an everyday basis running errands before the wedding so I still seen people I knew. Going out for the first few days was more daunting than I was expecting. I was almost apologising to people I met out that I knew for my appearance when most of those people probably didn’t care or even notice. Once I got over those couple of days I started to forget that I didn’t have make up on and just went about my day as normal. Plus having the option to rub your eyes in the middle of the day is just a glorious feeling! 

During the week I got so many breakouts which was just typical since I couldn’t put a bit of concealer on to cover it up. I started to do a mini facial every second evening to help draw out all of the impurities that were lurking beneath the surface. During the last couple of days I found such an improvement in my skin. All of the red nasty breakouts had gone down, blackheads were reduced and I found that my skin overall had evened out and just looked a lot brighter and healthier. So the break from make up really did do it the world of good. On the day of the wedding when I finally put on makeup, it glided on and sat perfectly on my skin for the day. I was so happy the way it looked on the day that it really did make it all worthwhile.

I’m sure there are plenty of people reading this and thinking it’s no big deal to go without makeup and there are people that never wear make up but there are also people who wouldn’t dare step outside without their “face” on and before that week I would have considered myself to be in the second category. Since doing my “make-up free week” I have gotten more confidence in my own skin and not caring so much if my face is not perfect because lets be fair who’s is? I feel like I could go out without make up and I really wouldn’t care who I met on my travels where a couple of months ago I wouldn’t have gone out for fear of who I’d see and if they wouldn’t recognize me without makeup (mad I know!)

So as ridiculous as it may sound to some people, I am really proud of myself for going without make up for the week. My skin has really thanked me for it and now I feel less pressure on myself to have make up on everyday. I’d love to hear your opinion on this topic, what are your thoughts on going make up free?


  1. For me personally I have no issues with going make up free, although I'd prefer a little mascara if possible!
    I think its great that you achieved this as I know not everyone is the same. I'm so happy it worked and your skin looked great on the day!
    Summer x

  2. wearing no make up really helps my skin too, I've barely worn any make up this summer as I spend a lot of time at the beach ann I've noticed that my skin has improved a lot! x

  3. I definitely think having a break from foundation is good for your skin. I never used to wear it very often and mine was much clearer then. It was really interesting to hear your thoughts x

  4. well done danielle! occasionally i do go makeup-free but i must admit i feel much better with it on!!

  5. I've being going without make-up quite a lot recently but only because I've being on holiday and I'm tanned haha! It is a big deal to me and most girls I'm sure! I don't really see an improvement in my skin though :( xx
    alicekatex ♥

  6. Fair play to you, I always do my makeup, it's second nature and I probably am a bit paranoid of my skin on it's own which is a bit silly!

  7. I actually don't wear makeup unless for occasions and pics. Then I slap it on thick! lol

  8. I tend to wear BB Cream whenever I go to college or work then save foundation for special occasions, but if I'm having a lazy day at home I try my best to stay makeup free and let my skin breathe a little x