Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Louise Young Super Foundation Brush LY34

 Oh look its another review of the most talked about brush at the moment. I know I jumped on yet another band wagon but I completely blame all of the other beauty bloggers who got this first and who made me want to buy it. It was out of my hands and I simply needed it! Plus those rascals over at Beauty Bay sent me an email to say there was 10% so whats a girl to do really?

So I placed my order for the LY34 Super Foundation brush and waited for baited breath for it to arrive. Other than the few MAC brushes that I own, I have never spent this much money on a make up brush before so I was hoping it would be worth the investment. Firstly this may seem like a silly thing to say but it feels so lovely, to hold it you can tell it cost that little (ahem...alot..) more than say Real Techniques or Eco Tools. The handle is nice and heavy and feels so luxurious to hold. The brush itself is mind-blowingly soft. Honestly I have never owned a brush so soft, it feels like silk when I'm applying foundation. 

I have had this for a few weeks but wanted to wait and try it out with all of my foundations and I have even used it on my mum to see what the finish looks like on different skin types too. So from the heaviest foundations to the lightest I have used this brush for and with every foundation that I have used, I love the finish that this brush helps achieve. If you are after a full coverage finish and like to buff in your foundation to achieve said coverage then maybe this brush is not for you. It has helped me achieve a very natural, light coverage with all foundations used but what I love about this brush is that it does all the work for you. These days it takes less than two minutes for me to do my foundation where as before I was buffing in for ages to make sure there were no lines or patches. I don't know what magic this brush works but it blends foundation seamlessly and quickly. 

I can not recommend this brush enough, it makes putting on foundation all the easier and makes it look amazing with minimal effort! Available to buy online here. Go go go!


  1. Oh wow this looks gorgeous! And so soft. :) x

  2. Holy wow! I need this :) I've been thinking about it ever since some of the bigger beauty bloggers started using and talking about it, but I sometimes need to see some specific reviews before I go buy it! And oh you!

    Thank you ;) haha

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