Tuesday, 30 September 2014

No.7 Free Gift With Purchase

 I am such a sucker for the whole "Free Gift with Purchase" promotions and have been known to buy things I don't even need/want just to get the free gift. (Happens the best of us right?) So the latest addition is this box of goodies from No.7. It literally screams Summer with the bright colours. I love the packaging so much, it looked so pretty on the shelves and that was one of the main reasons I was drawn to it. This little box of happiness is free when you buy two No.7 cosmetics!

Inside was a mini BB Lips in Ballerina Pink which is so cute and dinky, perfect for just throwing in your handbag-plus it has SPF15 in it! 
Next is a gorgeous eyeshadow, which is the middle shade from the Good Earth eyeshadow trio . You all know about how I feel about my cool toned browns and looking at it in pictures I'm thinking it could be a pretty good dupe for MAC's Patina (I will report back on that!)  The mascara that is included is the Extreme Length mascara which is fantastic for adding length and definition to your lashes- it is waterproof though which is good to have in Summer but I wouldn't normally pick up a waterproof mascara! 
Finally, the item that sold it for me was the nail polish in Duck Egg Blue- how cute is that name?! It is a true sky blue and only needs two coats to be completely opaque on the nails, it also has one of those "one swipe" brushes which personally I think every nail polish brand needs to get on board with! 

So yes I am a sucker for the pretty things and will buy what I need to get them (In this case a lipliner & a nailpolish) but these are completely essential and I definitely definitely needed them!


  1. I love No7 and I am always attracted to free gifts ;) that nail polish colour is gorgeous :)

  2. Ooh I need some more No.7 foundation, if this is still on when I get round to buying it I might have to buy a second product :-D

    Beauty Butterfly | UK Beauty Blog

  3. This is such a cute free gift, love that polish!

  4. This is a great free gift! Love the colour of that eyeshadow xx

  5. This is a fab little gift with purchase. I also have one of those money off vouchers for no7 so definitely think I need to get down to their counter!



  6. I need to buy something from No.7 to get this, the nail polish colour is gorgeous x