Sunday, 17 August 2014

The Non-Sticky Lipgloss Edit

First of all I want to apologize for the absence on my blog over the past week. I have been so busy for the past couple of days that I just have not had a chance to take any pictures or to write anything. But I am on my holidays for a week now so I am going to get back in the game and get really organized with my posts again. I really missed blogging over the couple of days that I couldn't do it so I am excited to get back into it.

Following on from my NYX Butter Glosses review which you can read here if you haven't already, I decided to do a post about the lipgosses that I have been loving the past while. If you asked me a year or two ago did I like lipgloss the answer would have been a very firm no. The stickiness and just the general feeling of the product on my lips was just not something I enjoyed and I just couldn't stand it long enough to keep the product on my lips a decent amount of time. I didn't even own a lipgloss two years ago, that just shows how much I really didn't like them. 

The products that completely changed my opinion of lipglosses was the Clarins Instant Light Natural Lip Perfectors. Longest name ever and one of the most hyped up products out there. I absolutely love these lipglosses. They feel so lovely on the lips and are really pleasant to wear. They are so lightweight that it doesn't feel like you are wearing anything on your lips and they are not at all sticky! The colours are really neutral so are perfect for everyday wear. Another thing that I really love about these is that they are really moisturising on the lips which is another bonus! These are definitely my all time favourite lipglosses ever!

One of the most exciting launches for me this year was when NYX arrived in Ireland. I knew straight away that I wanted to try the NYX Butter Glosses, like I said in my original post I felt that I would love them before I had even tried them. The name is literally the most perfect description of these glosses. They are so buttery and silky feeling, similar to the Clarins ones in the way that they are quite moisturising on the lips. There are definitely more shade options in this range, you can go for your practical nudes or some of the really lovely brighter shades that are amazingly pigmented! They smell absolutely amazing too which I think is an important factor when it comes to buying a lip product since it will be right under your nose!

Finally the most recent editions to my lipgloss collection are the MaxFactor Colour Elixir lipglosses. Honestly I bought these partly because the packaging looks so lovely. Thankfully the product is really nice inside! Again not sticky- very important factor when it comes to picking a lipgloss! They are not the most pigmented in the world but they are perfect for everyday wear and won't look too over-done. Out of the three I've mentioned these are definitely the most lightweight on the lips.

So those are the lipglosses that I have been loving over the past while, considering I hated lipglosses not too long ago it is quite a little collection! Let me know your recommendations for (non sticky) lipglosses and I will be sure to check them out! 


  1. I love the Clarins Lip Perfectors and I'd love to get some more colours. I only have the nude colour at the moment. Great post! Gemma x
    Beautiful Life as I know it

  2. I agree the Clarins Lip Perfectors are gorgeous, most definitely my favourite lip gloss thus far.
    Amy x | A Little Boat Sailing

  3. I love NYX Butter Glosses, they are fantastic :-)

  4. thank you so much for sharing this, I hate sticky lip glosses, they gross me out! x

  5. The only thing that puts me off lipgloss is the stickiness, so I will definitely try some of these out x


  6. The Clarins Lip Perfectors are so good. Raspberrykiss xo

  7. Fantastic post! I love the look of lip glosses but hate the sticky feeling!

  8. I am not a big lipgloss person, but I would love to try the Clarins Lip Perfectors! Gorgeous photos! x