Thursday, 21 August 2014

Dream Dots | Spot Treatment

I was so excited to get my hands on the Dream Dots* and unfortunately my skin being the way it is, I was able to try them out instantly. Recently I have been getting alot of under the skin spots, you know the ones that are really painful and really red but never come to a head properly so you don't even get the satisfaction of giving it a good squeeze. (TMI,.I'm sorry!) So when these landed on my doorstep it really could not have been better timing as I have a wedding coming up and I wanted my skin to look good for it. So as well as taking the last couple of days make-up free I thought I would give these a good road test and see how they actually work.

Basically what the Dream Dots are, are tiny little gel patches that you put directly on your spot. The little patches themselves are so amazingly thin you wouldn't know you had anything on. I actually wore these out one day and nobody noticed! If anything they helped disguise the redness that was around the spot underneath which is such a bonus! You are instructed to apply on cleansed skin overnight and just let its work its magic. The little patches absorb any excess fluid there might be in the pore as well as any other badness that may be lurking around in there. It then creates a moist (gross I know..) environment to reduce the risk of scarring and scabs occurring. They claim to help spots heal 50% faster. 

So fast foward a week, how have I found them? I have had this whopper of a spot on my chin for the past couple of weeks. Nothing I have used worked on it, not even my beloved Origins Super Spot Remover was up for the challenge. So its safe to say I definitely put these to the test. I used them two nights and one day in a row and at the end of it the redness was dramatically reduced and the swelling was definitely taken down. I didn't have any pain with it but I will report back once I try it on one of those craters that will no doubt appear in about a weeks time! In my opinion these definitely do help. As with any spot treatment do not expect your skin to be perfect the next day but do expect it to be dramatically reduced in size! 

If you want to give these a go you can order them online here with free worldwide shipping!


  1. I have some of these on the way- Can't wait to try them now after reading this.
    Great review

  2. Great review, might have to get some of these for when I have my bad skin days!

    Hannah Heartss x

  3. This sounds amazing! My skin is covered with spots right now and is going away SO slowly so I would love to try these ouot.

    Sheri | Behind The Frames

  4. These sound really good, especially if they could be used in the day! xx

  5. wow they definitely sound intriguing to me…would be very handy to have in your stash for unexpected breakouts!

  6. Wow they sound amazing! My spots are the same so I'll pick them up if I see them :D