Thursday, 14 August 2014

An Ode to the Orange-Red Lip

So as the evenings are getting longer and the days are getting sunnier, most people tend to stray away from the bold lips and stick to either lip balm or a nude colour. But this Summer I have been doing the exact opposite of what I would normally do and I am embracing the brighter bolder lip colours. Specifically those of the orange-red variety. I have been wearing them both on nights out (which are a very rare occurrence!) and during the day to brighten up an otherwise boring look. 

When it comes to a bold lip in my opinion you need to go matte or go home. Matte lip products are just so fuss free. Long lasting and they stay where they were put which is the most important thing! You may have already noticed from the pictures above that the three lip products that I am about to speak about are virtually  This recent love affair with the Orange-Red lip originally came from the Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet in Hot Pepper, a liquid lipstick which dries to a gorgeous creamy matte finish and does not budge. I am so tempted to pick up some of the other shades in these Rouge Editions as the formula is so impressive. 

After getting the Bourjois Rough Edition I ordered NARS Red Square. Again another matte orange-red which is incredibly long lasting. I would pick this over the Bourjois version purely for convenience. It is more compact and easier to touch up so on some days I would apply the Bourjois in the morning and bring this with me incase I would need to touch up throughout the day (which would be a very rare occasion!)

Finally is an oldie but a goodie, MAC's Lady Danger. This was the first lipstick of the orange-red family that came into my life well over a year ago now. It is the most vibrant shade so I would normally reserve this for a night out, and again it has the matte finish but still is very comfortable to wear. I think any MAC lipstick lover needs this beaut in their collection! 

And so concludes my ravings about the orange.-red lip...I will try and post a FOTD post to feature one of these beauties in action, but until then please let me know which lip products you have been loving lately, either bold or neutral because I am just addicted to buying lip products lately! 


  1. Totally in love with bold lips too! Loving MAC All Fired Up, Rebel, Pink Pigeon, and Ruby (Pedro Lourenco Collection). :)

  2. I'm dying to pick up and orange lippie. It will be my treat to myself when I get a job :) These are lovely recommendation and I'm sure that they look fab on you

  3. I'm loving the sound of the NARS lip product! I've heard so many amazing things about them! :)

  4. Orange red lips are my favourite! I love Rimmel's Kate Moss lipstick in shade 110, but today I am rocking Revlon Colourburst in Audacious :)