Saturday, 5 July 2014

Urban Decay | NAKED 3 Palette

Yes you've all seen it before, nothing new to see here but I couldn't not write about this little palette of loveliness that I acquired lately. Already a massive fan of the Urban Decay eyeshadows and the Naked palette range I did feel slightly under-whelmed after seeing the latest addition before Christmas. I didn't really fall in love with any of the shades and even though the rose gold packaging was enough to sell it to me itself I was very well restrained and put it on the maybe list. Fast forward 6 or so months and Feel Unique were having a special offer and this worked out ridiculously cheap. Since I would never get it as cheap again I bought it. And shock horror, I love it. 

At first sight you would think oh my...when am I ever going to wear a pink eyeshadow? (in the 90's perhaps...) but when applied in the right way and paired with the right colours, eyeliner and mascara these colours can look amazing! I am a neutrals girl through and through but I think Urban Decay have really hit the nail on the head by incorporating a little bit more colour into a neutral girls life. I would never go out and buy a baby pink eyeshadow but after wearing some of the colours in this palette I have grown to accept that when worn correctly they can look beautiful! I won't focus too long on the colours as there are a million and one other blog posts that go into a lot more and better detail about them. But I will say as with any Urban Decay eyeshadows, the quality is out of this world. 

If you already own Naked 1 & 2 this will be a lovely addition to the Naked family but if you are just starting out I would definitely recommend you try Naked 2 first and then start to dabble with different colours! Available online here.


  1. All these shades are so gorgeous, I love the packaging! x


  2. I've seen so many reviews on this, but still love reading them every time! I agree, this palette definitely makes pink shadows more wearable.
    Holly / xx

  3. I've wanted this palette for so long, it looks absolutely beautiful and definitely agree that it's such an easy way to wear pink :) Your photos are lovely!

    Jess xo

  4. So pretty! :) you could use the baby pink shadow for the crease of the eye or as a blush or something?