Monday, 21 July 2014

Palette Lovin'

So lately I have gone abit palette crazy..I have ordered no less than 4..yes 4 in the past month. I much prefer having a palette full of colours rather than carrying around singular pots of product that clutter up my make up bag far too quickly. So today I though I would share with you my picks from my collection.

MAC Pro Palette
Ok this is cheating slightly, considering the fact that I filled this palette up myself but I really do love all of the colours that are in it so unlike the Urban Decay Naked palettes that have the 12 different shades in them, I know I’ll use every single colour that is in this palette. This is the one I go to for travelling because I have the perfect range of colours that will bring me from day to night. It is nice and compact and you get a decent amount of product in each pan. All of these eye-shadows are amazing quality (and so they should be at the price of them these days!) and are really long lasting. My top picks would be Vanilla (as you might have guessed from the picture), Satin Taupe and Omega. As expensive as it is I really couldn’t be without my MAC palette. 

Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette
This palette is my baby. I recently repurchased a new one because as you can see this one has seen better days. This is just constantly in my make-up bag. It is always there for me hail, rain or shine and never lets me down. I use this palette the most out of my entire collection. I reach for it every day without fail whether it’s for a complete eye look or just for a blending shade or a highlighter shade for the inner corner. The colours are all so easy to wear, amazing quality and they blend like a dream – which is perfect when you don’t want to be wasting time at 7am trying to get eyeshadows blended! 

NARS One Night Stand Palette
Since its release last October I have been on the hunt for this palette. Finally this month I found one on Depop and had it bought within minutes- I even had one of those moments where I thought it was just too good to be true! But it arrived at my door a couple of days later and I have been using it ever since. It contains 4 blushers, 1 bronzer and 1 highlighter- so pretty much everything you could ever want for your cheeks. I have literally used this everyday and I went away for a night for my boyfriends birthday at the beginning of the month and even though I needed both day and night time looks this was all I needed. All six shades are amazingly pigmented (no surprise really coming from NARS) and so easy to apply and blend!

Please tell me what your favourite palettes are at the moment...or don't because heaven knows I don't need to buy any more! But go on, enable me anyway.  Next on my hit list are the Smashbox Full Exposure palette and the beautiful Lorac Pro palette!


  1. I really wanna try out the Naked Basics palette, the colours are so natural and perfect for an every day look! x

  2. Amazing palettes! I need to get the Naked Basics, i've been wanting it for so long! I love the shades in your Mac palette :)
    xprincessjas | ♥

  3. I think every girl should have the Naked Basics palette, it's brill!

  4. Need to get my hands on a Naked Palette! The price though :(

  5. The NARS palette looks amazing, I love the middle bottom blush shade! I have just completed the Sunkissed Summer Tag and I would like to tag you, so check out the post here. I look forward to reading your answers :)

    Michaela-Leigh xx

  6. Your NARS palette is so pretty! The Lorac Pro palette is also on my wishlist but it's so hard to get in England x


  7. Wow, you love that Naked Basics Palette! So do I, but I'm not making dents in it quite yet. It's good to see someone really love their palettes.