Friday, 21 December 2012

Soap & Glory Purchase

Hello Lovelies!

I'm sorry for my absence on the interwebs the past couple of days. The work men that were outside a few weeks ago have done something to the phone lines so we have had a dead phone and no internet! At the start of the "no internet" fiasco I was coping quite well but towards the end I was going abit mad and missing the outside world. How sad is it that I have become this dependant on the internet? Not Cool!!!

Anyway guys only 4 more sleeps until Christmas! Excited!! With this in mind I decided to get into the festive season and buy one last present...for myself (oops!)

Yes I went into Boots and bought this little beauty which was on offer for better than half price...It would have been wrong if I didn't!

It's the Soap & Glory Best of All set and you should have seen my excitement when I was buying it!

So this set comes with 9 full size products for €35! Considering that two of the products to buy separately would come to €30. So you can see how I justified making this sneaky purchase for myself!

It comes with a Heel Genius, a Smoothie Star, Clean on Me, Peaches and Clean, Hand Food, Righteous Butter, Sugar Crush Body Scrub, Sexy Mother Pucker (oooh) Lip gloss and a Thick & Fast Mascara.

I haven't tried all these products yet (but you all know I love the Hand Food and the Righteous Butter!) so I wanted to wait before giving reviews on them until I can grow an opinion on them.

I'm not sure if the special offer on the Soap & Glory is still on in Boots, but if you're a fan of Soap & Glory I hope you got your hands on it! 


  1. i have wanted this so bad since seeing all these posts on it, i really hope somebody managed to get me it, hehe! xo

  2. Oh my my, I need this for Christmas. Mouthwatering post! :)

  3. AMAAAAAZING!!!!! wow wow wow wow!! I would love for you to check out mine its nowhere near as good as yours but i would really really appreciate it xoxox

  4. So much lovely stuff! Body scrub!! So jealous x

    1. I used the Sugar Crush scrub today and I'm in love! xx

  5. Every year I plan on getting this when it's on offer and every year I've run out of money! so many amazing products! xx

  6. I can't believe I missed this :(