Saturday, 1 December 2012

November Favourites

Hello Lovelies!

Its nearly Christmassss! I'm so excited! I love love love Christmas, It's the best time of year. I've started my Christmas shopping and everything, and trust me for me that is a big deal. Normally I'm running around like a mad woman on the last weekend trying to find stuff! So be proud!

So since it is the end of another month it's favourites time! And this month I've had quite a few favourites which again I'm quite proud of because normally it takes me ages to think of what I can put in my favourites every month. I was so organized this month I wrote down everything I knew I'd want to put in these favourites so I wouldn't be clueless at the end of the month!

Revlon Lip Butters
Now I think I need a slap on the wrist because I've only tried the lip butters in the last two months or so. I know I know where have I been? But oh my goodness they are amazing! I've got two colours Lollipop and Creme Brule which I bought off the lovely Becky earlier this month. I've been wearing these all month and I love them! I love the way they feel on the lips and they way they look! I do think they are overpriced though!

ELF Mist Set & Spray
You will have seen this in my haul the other day about all the ELF goodies I picked up recently. The Set & Spray was something I wanted to pick up for ages but never got around to doing it. But I haven't regreted it at all! When I've finished all my make up I just spritz one or two sprays on my face (which is scarier than you'd think when you've just finished your whole face of make up!) to set my make up, and I've found that it really does help the longevity of my make up throughout the day!

Barry M Raspberry
A nail polish I have worn through the whole month is Barry M's Raspberry. I've loved this nail polish for ages but lately I have just become obsessed and there is just no going back! I think it's a gorgeous colour for winter months so I have plenty of months wear left in it! It is in the same family as Essie Bahama Mama which was in my last favourites but it is a lighter more berry version...if that makes sense!

Nivia Toner
This was abit of a random purchase at the start of the month for me, I was in Tesco and it was in the reduced section for €1.99 so I just thought why not? I am abit of a toner fiend so even if I don't like it, it didn't break the bank! But I can tell you I do love it! I think it may have taken over my love for alot of other toners. It's just so amazingly soothing and it smells devine! I would definitely recommend trying it out if you love toners as much as I do!

Rimmel Stay Matte Powder
This was one of my many purchases during the Boots 3 for 2 offer (alot of damage was done during that time!) and it was one of my unexpected purchases! I got it in the shade Peach Glow, if I was to buy another one I would probably just get it in transparant but I still really love it! I think it smells lovely which is a weird thing to say about a powder but it does! I use it to set my powder on days I'm not using my Elf Set and Spray, and again I find it really does help my make up last all day!

MAC Omega Eyeshadow
I bought this eyeshadow back during the Summer and since then I have gotten so much use out of it's unreal! I've done a review on it here. I use it to fill in my eyebrows, to contour and as an actual eyeshadow. I reach for it literally everyday for one or all of these things and I love it so much! I would be so lost with out it!

Another item I have reviewed awhile ago here and I am still loving it! I use this to freshen up in the mornings or to remove my make up before I cleanse using my Cleanse and Polish to help save that. I find it does take off the majority of my make up but I do try not to use it everyday because it's probably not the best for your skin.

L'occitine Hand Cream 
I got this free with a magazine I think it was Marie Clare last month but I'm not sure. But since then this has been on my bedside table and I reach for it every night. I do still love my Soap and Glory Hand Food but I found that the L'occitine hand cream is of a thicker consistency so I like to apply this before I go to bed for some deep hand conditioning!

I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here
Bit of a random favourite this month is I'm a Celeb! I'm really going to miss it when it finishes tonight, and I really like the girls so it'll be great for either of them to win. I was so surprised that David went last night though! The best part of that show is definitely Ant and Dec!

So that is my November favourites everyone! Hope you like them. Incase you're wondering the roadworks are still going on outside my house. Totally awkward because everyday I have to walk to get my lift to work and they're always there. Someone make them go away! 


  1. I've been loving I'm a Celeb too! I really want to try the ELF setting spray and I looove the Rimmel Stay Matte powder :) x

    1. I'm so glad that Charlie won!:D I loved her and Ashley! xx

  2. I've been enjoying the stay matte powder myself. :) The biderma has been on my list for ages!! This post was a nice read :)

    1. Awh thanks hun! You should have a go at the bioderma :) xxx

  3. I love revlon's lollipop! Great post! I hope you'd check out my November favourites and please do follow my blog!!

  4. Lovely blog!


  5. love my bioderma, and I'm so gutted that Im a caleb has finished too!

    1. I'm lost without my daily dose of Ant & Dec! :( xx

  6. Well done you on starting on your Christmas shopping it's deff better to be organised! Great favourites post I love quite a few of the products you've mentioned, especially Bioderma :)

  7. I love Revlon Lip Butters :) Think I may have to get in on the hype and treat myself to some Bioderma!xo