Saturday, 8 December 2012

Butter London | Disco Biscuit

Hello Lovelies!

Yes I know you all probably think I'm crazy with my choice of nail polish as of late...and yes I will admit it's not the most seasonal of colours but I am a compete sucker for a bright nail polish and I couldn't resist not telling you all about it!

I've been lusting after this nail polish ever since I seen it on the lovely Fleur De Force's nails way back at the start of the year. But since Butter London isn't all that readily available near where I live I have been on a hunt ever since. I eventually came across one for sale on eBay and I snapped it up for €6 - Bargain!

I have been wearing this on my nails for the past two weeks constantly and so far I'm loving it. It is literally a gorgeous fushia pink shade and it has very fine blue glitters in it. The finish of this polish is quite sheer so you would need around three or four coats for it to be properly opaque. Since it has the glitter in it this affects the finish you would get, and it is a really unusual finish. It is quite grainy and I'm not really sure how I feel about it yet, but a coat of a decent top coat sorts this out no problem!

(without flash)

I find the lasting power of this nail polish isn't the best, after a day I seen major wear at the tips of my nails, but I do work in an office where I'm typing most of the time so to some of you this may not be a big deal but it was abit disappointing for me because I did need to keep topping it up.

But over all I have fallen completely head over heels for this polish! I have never seen anything like it in the shops and even though it's not the most festive of colours I think you can get away with Barbie nails all year round!


  1. What a pretty colour!

    Allie xo

  2. pink is my fav color I just love this one <3

  3. That is so pretty! x

  4. Ooh I love this. Love the name too!
    It's enjoying that it doesn't last long though :/ xx