Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Instagram Diary

Hello Lovelies!
Only two weeks until Christmas! The excitement is too much! We have our tree up and all now so the countdown is definitly on!
Here is my latest Instagram Diary for you all!

● The Biggest Lollipop Ever ● Downloaded James Arthurs Song! ● YUM! ● NOTD ●
● Make Up of The Day ● Bit of Chanel ● Me and Zara ● Blue Sky ●
● Coffee! ● Advent Calender ● Cold Face! ● Yes I got him a Santa suit! ●
● Pink Tic Tacs ● I told him to smile! ● So True ● Blog Stats! ●


  1. your dog looks so cute in the santa suit!! xx

    1. Haha he really wasn't impressed with it at all!xxx

  2. The santa suit awww <3 You look absolutely stunning in the picture next to him, so jeal :O Love the pink starbucks mug too! :) xx