Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Botanics Facial Oil

Over the past couple of weeks my skin has been going though a bit of a phase. I am normally oily, but lately I have been having a couple of unwanted dry patches randomly on my face and overall it has just been feeling a little tight and uncomfortable. I went hunting through my beauty drawers to see what I would have to combat it, and I came across this facial oil from Botanics. I am a massive fan of Botanics skincare, I love their radiance balm, micellar water and their brightening day and night creams. I find Botanics to be amazing quality skincare for amazing prices and they are normally on offer at Boots too!

I applied this facial oil one night in sheer desperation, I put it all over my face but particularly focusing on the corners of my nose and forehead. These are the areas I found to be most dry. The oil is very lightweight, I was expecting it to be alot thicker and almost to have the same consistancy of a hair oil. But it is so much lighter than that. It glides onto my skin and absorbs surprisingly quickly. It does leave a slight film on your skin but if you leave it on overnight it will have sunk in by morning. 

The morning after I first applied this I found that my dry patches were significantly reduced. I continued to use it for a few nights after and they had cleared up in no time. Now I apply this all over my face and leave it on overnight for an intensive treatment, and if I'm feeling like I need a good bit of moisture I will apply my Origins Drink Up Intensive overnight mask and pop this on top. They work amazingly well together and your skin will feel so hydrated and plump the next day. 

It is available online here or in Boots stores.  

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  1. I have a bottle of this and agree it's beautiful! It sounds like we have a similar skintype as mine is usually oily but prone to the occasional dry patch... And this clears them up in no time without breaking me out :)

    Jess xo | The Indigo Hours