Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Flormar Illuminating Primer

Flormar is a fairly recent addition to the Irish beauty market, and one of the items that I was most excited about trying was their Illuminating Primer Base. This has been raved about in the beauty community so I was looking forward to seeing if it lived up to the hype. I am not a big primer person, I normally stick with the No7 Airbrush Primer which I know works for me and I love. So this would be going to the opposite end of the primer world for me! Even though I am oily, I love a dewy finish to my make-up but it is a very fine line between dewy and greasy so I have to be careful not to cross it. Espicially on days where I am at work for long days, and might not get the chance to powder or top up my make-up, I want to make sure it lasts for as long as possible and look as natural as possible also. 

I picked this up in a local pharmacy for €9.95, which is brilliant value in my opinion for the quality of the packaging and for the amount of product you get. There is 30ml's of product in the bottle which is standard enough for the likes of drugstore foundations. The pump action on my bottle took a little while to get working so I just used it straight from the bottle for the first couple of weeks of use. The first thing that I noticed about this primer was the smell. It has a very strong smell and this made me nervous, because my skin tends to flair up at the slightest sign of a scented product. Thankfully after a few weeks of using it I can report that I have not had any issues with it breaking me out. 

One thing that surprised me about this primer was that it didn't contain any shimmer or glitter, when I seen the word illuminating in the title, I immediately expected it to have something along those lines to add to the sheen. But I was pleasantly surprised by this when it turned out to be a white primer that once rubbed in didn't leave any white residue- only a very subtle glow. 

I have been wearing this under my current favourite foundation - Inglot HD and have been loving the combination. The Inglot HD has alot of coverage to it, but this primer just helps it look that little bit more natural. I have found my foundation to last really well though-out the day- but I find the Inglot HD to be very long-lasting anyway so I'm not sure if that is due to the primer or not. Either way this primer is a nice addition to my everyday make-up routine. I like the way it makes my foundation look though-out the day. You can pick this up at any Flormar stand for €9.95.

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