Sunday, 3 April 2016

March Beauty Favourites

When I sat down to pick out and write out my March favourites, I really didn't know where to start. There were a lot of products that I started to use this month that I loved, but I also pulled out some old products that I haven't used in a while and rediscovered this month. I have really stuck with the same products for this past month and got into a routine that I am happy with for my make up. 
Bourjois CC Cream
This is something that I go back to every couple of months and I always fall back in love with it every time. I have been having a rare good skin month so I haven't felt the need to reach for my heavier duty foundations. This always seems to be what I pick up when I'm looking for lighter coverage. It evens out my skin tone and still gives a flawless coverage without feeling heavy on my skin. Most of the time I don't even use a brush when applying this, I would just pop it on with my fingers. This makes it perfect for when I'm putting on make-up early in the morning. It is incredibly long lasting for a CC cream too, so I love wearing this during the week when I'm at work. It's perfect as a go to everyday base. 

Rimmel Kate Lipstick in "40" and Rimmel Lipliner in "Cappuccino"
This is the lip combination I have been reaching for the past couple of weeks and I have been obsessed with it. It does only work when I have a decent bit of tan on, otherwise it makes me look a little sick. It is a very nude lip but I have been loving it. I took inspiration from the fabulous Jeanette Cronin who recently shared her go-to lip on Snapchat. I haven't been able to get my hands on the products that she used so I have been doing my own combination with these. First I line/overline my lips with Cappuccino and then put the lipstick all over the top. I have been wearing this for a day and night time look, and although it does look a little like concealer lips. I do really like it!

MAC Tan Pigment and Urban Decay Riff
I have been all about the combinations this month, another one I have been wearing constantly are these two eye products. One has been a favourite for months, which is Urban Decay's Riff. I bought this back in August and have been obsessed since! It is completely unlike anything I would have ever worn this time last year (I was all about the cool-toned shadows!) but I have been wearing it fairly consistently since. Over the past month I have started pairing it with Tan pigment from MAC. I also bought this in August but never really knew how to wear it despite absolutely loving it.  So I have been putting Riff in the crease and on the upper half of my lid and then putting Tan all over the lower part of my lid. It gives a gorgeous rose gold effect and the colours do compliment each other beautifully.

Miss Fit Skinny Tea
 I had heard all the hype about this tea last year but never really thought about trying it. I have been trying  to loose some weight and decided to give this a go. I'm not the biggest fan of green tea's so I knew the first couple of days would be a bit of a challenge. But honestly at the end of the 14 days, I had actually started to like the taste. It has a slight lemon taste and is quite easy to drink. I did find that I lost with by drinking this in combination with eating better and exercising. I was drinking 3-4 cups of this a day, and I really enjoyed it. I will definitely be giving this another go! 

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  1. That MAC pigment is absolutely stunning, definitely going to buy this on my next shopping trip!

    Emily xo