Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Inglot Sparkle Dust

You all know I am obsessed with highlighters. It is a major part of my make-up routine, and even on an everyday basis highlighter is one of the main things I couldn't be without. The amount of highlighters I have in my collection is actually embarrassing (but if you would like a highlighter review/top five post let me know!) But when I seen this on a few girls on Instagram, I had to have it. Anyone who had an amazing glow on their cheekbones, when I looked at what they had on it was this. I have read rave reviews about this before but for some reason it was never something I looked for when I was in store, I always seem to get distracted with the eye-shadows. But when they recently had an online promotion of 10% off I ordered it (and a few eyeshadows of course)

The Inglot Sparkle Dust in 02 is out of this world. Think MAC Soft & Gentle but on steroids. This gives the most intense highlight I have ever seen. Now it does have very fine particles of glitter in it, which alot of the time I wouldn't even consider wearing. But with this it works. For most people this would be a night out highligher, but I've been wearing this everyday without shame. I absolutely love it. I love a good intense highlighter, I would want it to be seen from the moon if possible! 

This is a golden toned highlighter when you look at it in the pot, but once it's applied to the cheeks and blended out it has a very neutral undertone so it would be suitable for most skintones. I have worn this when I have no tan on and when I have all the tan on, and it works both ways really nicely. They have made this highlighter in a way that you can apply it to most areas on your body. I have used it on the standard areas on my face- cheekbones, brow bone and cupids bow- but I have used it on my collar bones too and really loved the effect it gives. One thing I found amazing with this highlighter is how long it lasted on me. I can apply this at 7am on a working day and it would still be perfect at 7pm! So it would be perfect to wear on a night out for the lasting power!

It can be abit messy since it is a loose powder, but for the sheen that you get from it - trust me it's worth it! It came with a powder puff that I haven't used but it is the softest thing ever! (random) If you buy one thing from Inglot this year, I would recommend you get one of the Sparkle Dusts. You wont regret it!

 Available online here or at Inglot counters for €20.


  1. This looks so beautiful and it sounds like it lasts amazingly well! I'd be a bit scared of the mess with a loose powder highlighter, although I do use loose powder all the time so I guess it's not much different :)

    Jess xo | The Indigo Hours

  2. WOW, this highlighter is looking perfect<3