Thursday, 11 February 2016

MAC | Ellie Goulding Collection

MAC are really doing well with their collections over the past few months, they have just been releasing one good one after the other and there has been something from every collection that I have had my eye on. One of the most recent collections I was lucky enough to get my hands on was the Ellie Goulding collection. I have the Bronzer/Blush duo in "I'll Hold My Breath"*, the lip crayon in "Revved"* , and the lipstick in "Only You"*. I think everyone has commented on the fact that the packaging looks like it has the Deathly Hallows symbol on it from Harry Potter, and it is always what I think of when I look at it. The packaging is so nice and sleek. It is a little bit more shiny than the regular MAC packaging and it has rose gold detailing, if you know me and of my obsession with rose gold, you will know I was instantly sold when I seen it!

"I'll Hold My Breath" Bronzer/Blush
This was one of the main items I was so excited to see in the parcel I received. This compact contains 2/3's of a bronzer and 1/3's of a blush. Both have the smallest bit of shimmer going through them which makes them ideal for this time of year. The bronzer is on the sheer side and is a warmer toned bronzer. You could use this as a contour but just be careful with the shimmer that you don't go too over board. I am a massive fan of the blush in this compact. It is quite similar to the "Spellbinder" blush that I have been raving about the past couple of weeks. A gorgeous pink/coral that completely brightens up the complexion. This is lovely and pigmented with the slightest hint of a golden shimmer running through it. This was definitely one of the standout products in the collection for me.

"Revved" Patent Polish Lip Pencil
I had never tried any of the lip crayon style products from MAC before this one. I love these sorts of lip products because they are so handy to throw in your handbag and use for on the go touch-ups where you don't necessarily need a mirror for it. This is a gorgeous coral shade, so again for this time of year it is perfect. It gives a gorgeous sheer wash of colour - combined with a gorgeous glossy finish. It's not the longest lasting lip product, but products with glossy finishes are never generally long-lasting. I do love this as I said for a quick fix to throw on during the day as a quick pick me up. It smells gorgeous too which is always a bonus!

"Only You" Lipstick
Another stand out product from the collection for me was the lipstick. I didn't actually want to use this when I first got it because it just looked so gorgeous and I didn't want to ruin the embossing on it. I got over that quick enough though. This is a gorgeous rose/nude shade that really does set off any make-up look that you might be wearing. It works equally well during the day or for a night-time look. It is a "Cremesheen" finish so it has a gorgeous pigment to it as well as being really nice and moisturising on the lips. I have been going between this and my beloved "Honeylove" lipstick the past couple of weeks and I have been enjoying wearing a more pink toned nude as I have been so obsessed with the brown toned nudes for so long. 

Over all I am very impressed with this collaboration from MAC. As far as I know, this collection is still online and at MAC counters. So if there is something that you have your eye on, go get it quick before it sells out!


  1. I've been eyeing up the Ellie Goulding collection for a while now and it all looks so pretty. I especially love the lipstick! x


  2. I've eyed up the lipstick so many times but keep telling myself I don't need it... Help xx

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