Friday, 19 February 2016

MAC | Custom 15 Eye Palette

I was so sure that I had done a post showing my MAC palette before, but I went back through all my posts and couldn't one so I decided to do one detailing my eyeshadows. Letting you know which are my favourites and which ones I use the most. I have been building this up over a couple of years. Some shadows I got in MAC and others I bought in blog sales. This is definitely not something I went out and filled up in a day. I took my time and really picked out shades that I thought I would get the most wear out of.

As you can see from the picture, the majority of the shadows I own are neutrals. In fact all of the shades are very wearable and they can all be worn in many combinations with each other. When I first started collecting MAC shadows, I always tended to go for matte shades, but as time went on I started to dabble with the other finishes that were available and have a nice mixture to my collection.

Nylon- One of my all time staple eyeshadows, and one that I would reach for almost everyday. This is a very frosted white shade with a shimmer to it. I use this for my inner corner highlighter and as a highlighter for under the brow bone. It really does add a pop to any eye look.

Naked Lunch- Another old favourite, Naked Lunch is a shimmery champagne pink shade. I would sweep this all over the lid as a base for my shadows. It creates a gorgeous sheen to the lids without adding too much colour. 

Woodwinked- I haven't actually used Woodwinked in ages, and writing this post has reminded me how much I used to love it. I picked this up in a blog sale years ago when it was the "it" product. Again it is a shimmery shade but it looks so unusual on the lids when applied. It is a gorgeous golden brown which gives a dimensional look to the eye when applied. It makes you look like you've done alot more work than you have.

Omega- As you can see from the pictures this is a well loved shadow. I used to use this everyday for my brows as well as an eyeshadow. This is a neutral toned brown shade that would suit a lot of different skin tones. I loved this for so long on my brows but it is just to dark for me at the moment and I haven't been using powders in my brows. But if you are looking for one, I would definitely recommend this one!

Wedge- Not all that different from Omega, but slightly more warm toned. This one I tend to use all over my lid as a base, or in the crease to add some dimension. If you own Omega you don't really need this too.

Espresso- This is one of my all time favourite MAC shades even though it is just a simple matte dark brown. It gets so much use in so many different looks. I love wearing this in a smokey eye.

Cork*- This is a more recent addition to my collection. It is a very unusual yellow-toned brown that still has a touch of warmth to it. This is my ideal lazy day shadow. I just put this all over the lid and I am good to go. It does add a nice pop of warmth to any other eye looks.

Patina- I always think that this would be the perfect bride eyeshadow. It is a gorgeous cool toned golden shimmer, and really unlike anything I have ever seen before. This is another gorgeous all over the lid colour, and it also pairs lovely with Cork.

Satin Taupe- This was one of the first every MAC shadows I purchased and again it was one of the "it" products at the time. This is one of MAC's most popular shadows. Depending on what you use with it, it can look purple, brown or silver, and it can also change depending on the light.

Blackberry- Again one of my more recent additions, I spotted this in the "cool-toned palette" and fell in love. I bought it in pan form to pop in my palette. Again this is another unusual one, I would describe this as a grey-toned purple shade. It is still a very wearable shade and one I do tend to wear on a day to day basis, just for something a little different.

Twinks- Twinks is another shadow that I haven't worn in so long, but it was a well loved shadow back when I first got it. It is a gorgeous burgundy shade with a slight sheen to it. I have been loving the warmer toned shadows lately, so this is definitely something I will have to break out again!

Cranberry- Cranberry did the rounds on the blogs a few years ago and I picked up then but was too afraid to use it for so long. This is a red shimmery shadow that is not for the faint hearted, but lately it is one that I have been going for. This looks lovely all over the lid with a darker shade in the crease.

Sumptuous Olive- Another famous eyeshadow from back in the day, this would never have been something I would have picked myself. It is a green shimmery eyeshadow which looks so scary in the pan but when I seen it in pictures and different swatches I realised how surprisingly wearable it was. I usually pair this with the next shadow I am going to talk about and the two really do go hand in hand.

Club- This is the eyeshadow I pair with Sumptuous Olive. It is a gorgeous duo-chrome shadow which goes from brown to green. It looks so complimentary on the eyes because it looks brown until you hit the light and you get that slight green tint.

Carbon-  Not much to say about this one, it is just a classic matte black that is essential to everyone's collection.

That is a quick run down of my MAC palette, I do have a few single shadows and a few new additions that are not in this palette - so if you would like to see a post on some of them do let me know!


  1. I've been tempted for ages to build my own MAC palette but the expense just seems a lot, but building it over a long time seems perfect! Some pretty shades here I will be keeping in mind if I take the plunge and build my own!


  2. I only have on MAC eyeshadow which is Soft Brown and I use it everyday. They are great shadows.. x

    Annie | DrugstoreDreamer

  3. mac shadows are just brilliant. you have a very well put together palette x

  4. You have a great selection of shades! I have Nylon and Satin Taupe too. I also have All That Glitters and Sable. xx

    Ramblings of a Beauty Bird | Beauty Blog