Monday, 29 June 2015

June Beauty Favourites

So yet another monthly favourites where I am left wondering where the past month has gone to! I can't believe that we are in July and are over half way through the year. I didn't post a monthly favourites last month, because there wasn't really anything in particular I was loving, wasn't feeling particularly inspired by anything so I decided to leave it for a month and wait until I had some products I was excited to share with you!

MAC Strobe Cream*
The first product I have been loving this month I was sent in a little goodie box from MAC and it has been something I was mad to try ever since I've gotten into make-up. It is the infamous Strobe Cream from MAC. I have been using this on my skin under my foundation on a daily basis. Regardless of what foundation I am wearing, I will make sure that I have this on underneath to give myself that much needed glow. This is one of those multi-use products that you can wear underneath, above or mixed in with your foundation. It is lovely an moisturising on the skin so I have been using this in place of a moisturiser in the mornings and have been loving the effect I have been getting from it.

NARS Deep Throat
This is an oldie but a goodie, cringy name aside I actually have fallen back in love with this blusher. I'm not sure if I have ever spoken about it on the blog before but I bought it last year after avoiding it for ages. I was under the impression that this was basically nothing but glitter and didn't think it would suit me, but after swatching it in store and doing abit more research into it- I decided to just go for it. It is the most perfect peach-pink with the most subtle shimmer running through it. I would reserve this for the warmer, more summery months because it really does brighten up your entire face when you apply it. If you are contemplating buying this - do it! You will use it so much in the Summertime that its expensive price-tag will be slightly justified. 

Charlotte Tilbury Bronze & Glow Palette
So after getting soaked doing the Women's Mini-Marathon I waddled (squelching) up to Brown Thomas and bought this beauty. No better day I felt! I wasn't sure about it at first but I have grown to love it (I would want to at the price!) I just kept using it and figured out how to use it to my advantage. It is very easy to go over board with the highlighter in this so less is definitely more. I have been using the Bronze shade as a more all over bronze shade instead of purely a contour. I'm still not completely sure it is worth the €65 price tag, but it is a nice addition to my collection and I have been loving using it this month.

 Jo Malone Wood Sage & Sea Salt
Another old favourite this month, I received this as a Birthday present in March and I am more than half way through already. Wagh! This literally smells like Summer in a bottle. It is so fresh and clean (I really can't explain scents) I have been wearing this everyday without fail and I will definitely have to buy another bottle in duty free this Summer!

No.7 Gel Shine Polish | Bluebell
This has been either on my toes or fingernails all month. Blue is never a colour I gravitate towards for my nails but I have been loving this cornflower blue shade. It looks amazing with a tan and is just so different for me. I love the formula of these polishes, they're not the most long wearing but they are so amazingly shiny it is completely worth it to repaint them every so often. They also have the good brushes so one swipe and your done!

Lorac Pro-Palette
This feels like the month of old favourites on the blog, but this past month the eyeshadow I have been reaching for the most is the Lorac Pro. I got this at the beginning of the year and while I have been loving it,I didn't want to over use it because I knew how hard it would be to get another one. But this month I threw all caution to the wind and I have even hit pan on one of the colours! Mauve is my favourite shade for in the crease followed by Espresso if I want to darken up the look or I will run it along my lash line. The shadows in this palette are the nicest shadows I have every used. They are ridiculously pigmented and so soft and easy to work with. You can use them both wet and dry so there are so many looks you can get. Whenever I go somewhere and need to bring shadows with me, it will always be this palette I choose, for the variety and the fact that it is so slim and travel friendly you really can't go wrong! 

So that is another round up of two months worth of favourites! Let me know what you have been loving this past month and if there is anything I need to try!


  1. The NO7 Polish & Lorac Palette look gorgeous! x
    Emma | Emmys Beauty Cave

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  3. That blue nail polish is beautiful! I love CT Bronze & Glow & Lorac Pro Palette too! xx


  4. I own the Nars Deep Throat and love it so much and I love that blue nail polish so much. Thank you for sharing.

  5. Great choice of products, they're all on my very long wish list! I especially want to try Nars blushes and Jo Malone fragrances.

    Georgia x

  6. You’ve picked some great products here! I love the CT bronze and glow, I’ve just hit pan on mine! Boo hoo!

  7. That CT bronze and glow is a staple for sure! You have awesome products here!

    Love Jacynta xxx