Monday, 8 June 2015

CoLab Dry Shampoo

After all the rave reviews after the CoLab Dry Shampoo range was released last year I thought it was all too good to be true. Created by Ruth Crilly from the YouTube channel "A Model Recommends" this range of dry shampoos was released late last year and since then there has been nothing but good words to say about it. The range has recently arrived in Ireland and more recently t has become available in Penneys. So on a recent trip I added one of the travel sizes to my basket to try out. I didn't want to get the big can incase it didn't work for me and I was left with the big can of dry shampoo that I wouldn't get any use out of. 

I bought it in the London version which has a Sheer Invisible formula. The first thing I liked about this was the smell. I can't place it but it definitely reminds me of something. It is a gorgeous fresh scent but not as overpowering as the likes of Batiste and it doesn't linger throughout the day. This is a lighter dry shampoo compared to Batiste. It is weightless in the hair and you are not left with that horrible chalky, powdery look and feel to your hair. It sprays out a really fine powder mist that soaks up any excess oil without leaving any residue. 

This is definitely a win product for me, I had the mini size gone in no time and have since repurchased the bigger can. I would recommend this if you didn't get on with Batiste and are looking for an alternative!


  1. I love CoLab, although London is my least favourite of the scents I've tried - I love New York! <3

    Jess xo

  2. I'm's a great looking product but I love Batiste. The funkadelic colours and fragrances are great for summer hair :)

    Katie |

  3. I did the same and picked up a mini one, I soon went back for the full size! Id completely stopped using dry shampoo until this xx

  4. Looks like a must try. I am new to your blog and you've got a new follower :) Thanks for sharing!

  5. Being a huge dry shampoo fan, I can't believe I still haven't tried this! It sounds so good!
    Rachel Coco

  6. I can never find the big one, but I got a trial size in my local chemist last week, looking forward to trying it, Batiste drives me mad with the white residue x

  7. I love this dry shampoo - currently working my way through all the scents!! xx

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