Friday, 5 June 2015

W7 Bronze & Glow

I recently put up a picture on my Instagram proclaiming my love for a new highlighter and I am finally getting around to sharing with you what it is. You all know I am a massive fan of highlighters and there has been times where I have gone round resembling a disco ball. I have gone through a major love affair with my Mary Lou-manizer the past couple of months but lately I've been getting bored of using the same product and have been on the hunt for something new. I have been lusting after the Charlotte Tilbury Bronze & Glow contour duo since it came out but I can't justify the €60 price tag. Then I spotted this from W7 and instantly snapped it up. W7 are well known for their amazing quality products but at very nice price tag. They have dupes for the Naked palettes , Benefit's They're Real and many others in their collections and I have tried and loved many of their products. This one is no different.

I initially picked this up to see if I would get much use out of it and if it would be worth my while getting the Charlotte Tilbury one (I'm not fooling anyone, we all know I'm gonna get it!) I have been using this for my contour and highlight the past while and have really been enjoying it. The darker shade is perfect for contouring or just giving an all over bronzed look but the winner in this palette for me is definitely the highlight. It is the most intense highlighter I have found since the Mary-Lou. It makes your cheekbones look wet it is that intense, but doesn't look glittery in the slightest!

For the price tag it is definitely worth giving a go, I think it was around the €3 mark and W7 are available in most pharmacies nationwide.


  1. The highlight shade looks gorgeous! x
    Emma | Emmys Beauty Cave

  2. This looks really good, especially for the price tag :)

  3. oh wow! it's very like the charlotte tilbury one!

  4. Not a brand I'm familiar with but for that price it looks great.

    Katie |

  5. I really have to give W7 a go! x