Sunday, 15 February 2015

The Balm | Frat Boy Blush

Blusher is something I am always on the hunt for. I think it can really change up a look and really brightens up your complexion. I do tend to fliter between blushes and different shades and finishes, so I do find it loyal to stick with one. But when I seen swatches of the Frat Boy blush online I knew I needed it in my life! It is only in the past couple of months that I have discovered the brand The Balm on Cloud10Beauty, I recently purchased the Mary Lou-manizer and I have not stopped using it since I got it. I knew that the quality of the brand was brilliant so I had no doubts about that when I made the purchase.

Even though it is not a very seasonal choice, I have been wearing this pretty much everyday since I got it. Frat Boy is a matte peachy-pink which just seems to brighten up my whole face when I apply it. It is ridiculously pigmented so I have been using my Zoeva Sheer Cheek brush with it which applies just the right amount of colour to my cheeks. It is the perfect everyday colour, which seems to compliment any look. The only look I wouldn't pair it with is if I was wearing a red lip because that might not be the best match in the world. But apart from that I think it is the best blush to have in your make-up bag for those days when you don't know what to put on.

My only problem with this blush is the packaging. It is housed in a cardboard compact which I feel will get really grubby really quickly if I leave it in my make-up bag too long. It came with a cover sleeve so I have just left that on for the past while until I come up with a better alternative.

This blusher has jumped into my top five favorite blushers and I can tell it is going to be housed in my make-up bag for a good while! Let me know if you have any other The Balm product recommendations because I really do love the brand and would love to try some of their other products!


  1. I've never used any of TheBalm products, but love the look of this one! I really love peachy pinks as I feel they often look better with my warm undertones. I'm going to be investigating this one as my first purchase from the brand as I love blusher! Xx

    Tania |

  2. I love this blush & theBalm products in general!

  3. I absolutely love this blush! I also have the Sexy Mama Translucent Powder, which is perfect for combatting shine half way through the day xx

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