Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Lorac Pro Palette

Can we just take a moment to appreciate the beauty of this palette? One of my amazing friends was recently in New York and I had asked her to pick up the Lorac Pro Palette and she traipsed around New York looking for it because it is not the easiest thing to find at the moment. So a big big thank you to Ciara! You are amazing!! I can't get over how much I love and have used this palette since I got it. The range of colours are so perfect for someone like me who loves a good neutral eye look but likes to go abit more smokey for  special occasions. The shades are all very wearable and I don't think there is one shade that I wouldn't use. I like how it has the little pop of colour in the Garnet and Deep Purple shades but you can make them slightly more wearable with the neutral shades. So far the shades that I have been loving are Champagne, Taupe, Espresso and Pewter. I am gearing myself up to wear Garnet- I'm not quite there yet but when I do you will know about it! It looks stunning in the pan and swatched so I just need to get brave enough to wear it!

I will admit the first time time I used the palette I ended up looking like I got punched in the eye because I slightly under-estimated how pigmented the shadows were. They are literally like cream. They are so pigmented that you really only need one dab of the brush and you will still need to tap off the excess. Once you get used to the pigmentation, these shadows are an absolute dream to use. You can use them as they are but I have seen people use them wet for a more intense colour- this is something I haven't tried myself yet (because I'm afraid to ruin it!) but I think doing this with the black would make a fantastic eyeliner! I love how you have everything from a highlight shade -both shimmer and matte- to the Deep Purple which is perfect for a dark smokey eye.

As you can see from the swatches, that was only one swipe and you get so much colour and pigment. The shades are all so perfectly pigmented - there is not one dodgy shadow in the palette. I have completely brushed aside my NAKED palettes, this is the new "all rounder" for me. Because the palette itself is so slim, it is perfect for travelling and so handy for bringing with you. It fits perfectly in my make-up bag.

If you can get your hands on this palette, I thoroughly recommend you do! Have you tried any Lorac products or even this palette? What are your thoughts?


  1. I lust after this palette all the time. Its such a great selection of colours & they all swatch so well. I wish it was easier to get hold of

    1. It's so amazing but I'm afraid to use it because it is so hard to get hold of!🙈

  2. This is on my shopping list for when I go to New York in a few weeks, looks fantastic!

  3. I know a couple of people going to America later in the year and I'm considering asking one of them if they'll look out for this for me. It's just the most gorgeous set of shades! xx

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  5. I'm travelling to New York soon, have you any idea where your friend picked this up? It's hard to work out stockists online! Love the blog x

  6. Only just seeing Danielle posted this 😊. I got this in Ulta in Brooklyn on the way to the airport. Ulta and nordstrom stock it, but there are none in Manhattan so you have to go out a bit! x