Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Moroccan Oil

Lately I have been starting to take better care of my hair. I have spent so long trying to grow it and now that I finally have it at a length that I am happy with, I want to keep it as healthy as possible and maintain the length. My hair has a tendency to be a little on the dry side. I do use alot of heat products such as hair dryers, hair straighteners etc on a daily basis. I have been trying really hard to cut back on alot of that- allowing my hair to air-dry when possible and just tying my hair up instead of straightening it when I don't really have any reason to. I always use a heat-defence spray everytime I wash my hair just to make sure it is as protected as possible, just in case I do decide to blowdry or straighten it. One of the hair products I have been thinking in investing in for a long time has been the Moroccan Oil. I have read so many rave reviews about it over the years, and after my last payday I decided to give it a go and I ended up purchasing the small bottle of it from Feel Unique

Hair oils are something that I have always enjoyed using, I have used ones from Primark, Vo5, John Frieda and a couple others. I did feel at the time that they made a difference to my hair but once I stopped using them I noticed that my hair went right back to the condition it was before and that it didn't make a lasting difference. They add a silky feel to my hair and make it look alot healthier but if I strayed away from them I really would notice that I hadn't used them. I have been using the Moroccan Oil since the beginning of January and in the couple of weeks I have noticed a difference in the quality of my hair. 

One of the first things that I noticed about the oil was that it was alot lighter and thinner in consistency than some of the other hair oils that I have used in the past. This made me a little skeptical about how it was going to work and if it would be as effective. Since using it I found that this is one of the main things I like about the oil. Since it is so light, it doesn't way my hair down and leave it feeling overly oily. I only put the smallest amount through the ends of my hair. I just focus on the ends as I feel that that is where I need the most conditioning. I have been using this consistently over the past couple of weeks and have found that my ends have looked and felt alot healthier. But there has been days where I have washed my hair, that I didn't use the oil, My hair still looked and felt as good as it would have if I did use it. It smells really nice too which is always a bonus!

I think I will be repurchasing this in the bigger size once I run out of this. It has become a staple in my haircare routine and a step I couldn't be without. Have you tried the Morroccan Oil? What are your thoughts about it and how it compares to the cheaper alternatives?

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