Sunday, 18 May 2014

Stila Convertable Colour | Gerbera

Hello Lovelies!

Recently I have gone a bit cream product crazy, and one of the new products I picked up was this Convertable Colour by Stila in the colour Gerbera. I have heard so many rave reviews about these and have been dying to get my hands on them for ages. I decided to go for the colour Gerbera because I thought it would be perfect for Spring/Summer which is mostly when I tend to wear cream blushes (I break out the powders more so in the colder months)

So I placed my order on Beauty Bay and excitedly awaited it's arrival! When it arrived (after taking pictures of course) it was straight on my cheeks. First off I love how the packaging corresponds to the colour that the product inside is. It makes it so much easier if you had more than one to find the exact one that you are looking for. The colour Gerbera is a gorgeous peachy/pink- I know I went for something different (not). It really brightens up the face and looks fantastic both with a tan and without! The consistency of the blush is very "wet", I was worried at first that it would wipe away my foundation during application as I've found with some other cream products. I have applied this using both my fingers and a brush and it applies beautifully with both. It leaves a very dewy finish to the skin which again compared to cream to powder blushes is a lovely change for the warmer months. I don't find any need to use a highlighter when I wear this, the blush does all the work for me.

The longevity of this as a blush is amazing. I have worn this on nights out, full work days and just testing it out on a lazy day and it stays around for the longer half of the day, which impressed me greatly as most cream products seem to evaporate off my face after an hour or so! In the past few days I have started to wear it on my lips as well as my cheeks. It is a lovely consistency for the lips, not too drying and a gorgeous colour- very Shy Girl-esq! So it is the perfect double whammy! I have this in my handbag most days now for touch-ups on the go for both lips and cheeks!

I am now eyeing up the shade Peony (tempted!) but I'd love to know what shades you'd recommend!


  1. These products from Stila are ever so popular, I really look forward to trying one at some point. The shade you chose is lovely, it's great to hear that they last a long time.
    Amy x | A Little Boat Sailing

  2. I adore stilla but havn't tried anything new from the range for such a long time, maybe I should change that by buying this :)
    I love the shade you've picked out
    | | Dreams Of New York | |

  3. This colour is gorgeous, looks perfect for summer x


  4. This looks beautiful! I haven't tried much from Stila, this would look so pretty during Summer :-)

  5. Its more pink than I thought! would look great on you!


  6. Gorgeous! Reminds me of the cream blushes by Bourjois :)