Friday, 30 May 2014

May Beauty Favourties

 Hello Lovelies!

How fast did this month go? It really doesn't feel that long since I was telling you about my April favourites  and now we are half way through the year. Craziness! Since it is getting into the Summer months (not that you would know that judging by the Irish weather!) I have been trying to change up my make-up products to reflect that. 

MAC Patina
I bought this randomly on a trip to Brown Thomas because I wanted a cool toned brown to help fill up my pro-palette. I have literally used it everyday since I got it which was at the beginning of the month. It is a cool toned gold which is unlike any other colour I own. It is just so easy to wear, you can blend it into the crease or just sweep it all over the lid if you want a quick and easy application. I really think it's a colour that would be over looked among all the rest of the shades at MAC but it really is a beaut! 

Boots Botanics Hot Cloth Cleansing Balm
You all know I am a huge fan of the Botanics range at Boots but the stand out product for me is the Hot Cloth Cleansing Balm. This was the first ever cleansing balm I tried at the top of the hype when cleansing balms were "it". I instantly fell in love. It leaves my skin feeling cleansed and fresh but as well as that it doesn't dry out my skin. It is quite a moisturising cleanser so you don't have to worry about having that tight feeling after cleansing. I use my Garnier Micellar Water to remove the bulk of my make up and then go in with this for a deeper clean. Plus it doesn't break the bank, it is normally on offer for next to nothing so compared to the Emma Hardie Cleansing Balm (which I still really want to try) is such a bargain!

Stila Convertable Colour | Gerbera
This was a splurge during the month. You know how it goes, you're watching youtube videos reviewing all these amazing products and your bank card is safely on the other side of your room. Next thing you know you have ordered whatever they told you to and you card is in your hand feeling slightly lighter. Ooops. That being said I am so happy I ordered this. I love everything about it. The formula is just wet enough to give a glow to the skin but not wet enough to just slide off your face. I have actually used this on both my lips and my cheeks and I am really happy with how it looks on both. The colour is really brightening and absolutely perfect for the Summer.

Nars Velvet Matte Lip Crayon | Red Square
As you can see I went a little crazy with buying beauty products this month. This was another impulse buy after I fell in love with the Bourjois liquid lipstick last month. I just became obsessed with that orange/red lip colour and wanted it in every form I could think of. I love this because it is so quick and easy to apply, you literally just draw it on to your lips and it is there to stay for the day. Like the Bourjois one, it does.not.budge! I don't really need to comment on the colour of it because for me it is just perfection! 

No.7 Instant Radiance Bronze Highlighter
I have already shown my love for this highlighter many many times. It is basically the bronzed version of my all time favourite highlighter - what more could you want for Summer? It goes on and blends like a dream, looks gorgeous and dewy-NOT glittery! Best of all it is more bronzed in colour so it looks amazing with a tan and gives you that "just back from a sun holiday (I wish)" glow. What more could you want?

So those are another lot of my monthly favourites. I am going to try my best and be slightly more restrained when it comes to ordering things online this month and perhaps put a slight spending ban in place? We'll just have to see how that goes. Let me know what your monthly favourites have been and if there is anything I need to try (even though I really probably don't!)


  1. Lovely post, I really want to try the hot cloth cleansing balm. Where did you get your pretty rose lights from? Xxx


  2. You've made me want to try out that balm! I currently use Lush's ultrabalm to remove my make-up but is slightly on the price-y side! L x

  3. Lovely items, very jealous of the higher end products haha!
    Ellie | x

  4. I really want to try the Matte lip crayons, they look amazing!!

    xxx | daisydaisyxxo

  5. Your MAC palette looks gorgeous! You've got so many pretty shades in there!

    Amy | The Little Koala Blog ♥
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  6. I've always thought about buying Patina, I think its so lovely!

  7. The no.7 Highlighter looks so pretty x

  8. Love the shade of the Nars lip crayon! Pretty and vibrant!

  9. Ughh Patina has been on my list forever! I keep forgetting to get it.

  10. Your photos are so clear and perfect :O Really wanna try the hot cleansing balm! x

    Blonde Pout

  11. That Hot Cloth Cleansing Balm sounds amazing! :O the Boots Botantic range and really fantastic. :) x