Thursday, 15 May 2014

Budget Buy | Essie Absolutely Shore Dupe

Hello Lovelies!

I posted my first Budget Buy post a few months ago and if you want to have a read of that just click here. It did take me awhile to find my next "Budget Buy" but it was a very random find! I had been lusting after Essie's "Absolutely Shore" for months and I was not disappointed when I eventually got my hands on it. It is the baby sister to Mint Candy Apple- a very off white mint, which looks perfect with a tan! On a random trip to Penneys/Primark I spotted this Angelica "Peppermint" polish beside the till (impulse buyer right here!) and thought it looks really similar to "Absolutely Shore" so it was quickly added to the basket. 

When I got it home and got the two polishes side by side they were amazingly close! If anything "Peppermint" is a shade greener than "Absolutely Shore" but as you can see from the pictures above it really isn't a noticeable difference. The only other difference is the finish. "Peppermint" is slightly more matte than Absolutely Shore, but if like me you use a top coat this will make no difference. I found the lasting power of the Angelica polish average with a layer of Seche Vite on top but for the price I really wasn't expecting miracles.

Considering the price difference €3 compared to €10+, I would definitely recommend you give this a try.  Available from Penneys/Primark.


  1. Wow that's very similar! I love finding dupes, always great when you can save a few pounds haha!
    Ellie x

  2. I love a good dupe, especially when it saves lots of £s x

    Amy / srslylou

  3. Good find! It's almost an exact dupe and such an affordable price x


  4. Oh wow those are almost identical!

  5. Oh definitely a good almost dupe! Good eye!