Tuesday, 9 April 2013

The Liz Earle Obsession

Hello Lovelies,

It will come as no surprise to any of you that I am a Liz Earle fan. I made my first purchase early last year and haven't looked back since. Before my obsession with Liz Earle I really didn't have a concrete skin-care routine, I would switch up products quite regularly and even (shudder) would use face-wipes on a daily basis. Since the introduction of Liz in my life I have become more loyal and careful with my skin-care, I tend to stick to the same products if I find they work for me and it takes something groundbreaking to make me move away from what I know. These are the products from Liz Earle that I always find myself reaching for and if I didn't have them in my life I would be a little bit lost!

Cleanse & Polish
This was the first product I've ever tried and I will admit it was because of the insane hype surrounding it! Let me tell you the hype is completely and utterly justified! This stuff is a miracle worker for my skin! Since using it my skin has completely settled down. Before I started using this on a regular basis, I was prone to breakouts a lot and my skin just didn't look good. But now breakouts are kept to a minimum and overall I think my skin looks brighter and healthier! If I ever stray away from the Cleanse and Polish I instantly regret it because my skin instantly changes. I can say quite confidently that I will be buying this for as long as I can! 

Instant Tonic Boost
I'm going to go out on a limb here and say this is possibly my favourite product from Liz Earle! I am such a massive fan of toners and I use them on an everyday basis. But this is a cut above the rest. When you apply it, it instantly cools and refreshes your skin. It feels so nice on my skin I used to fly through bottles of it up until recently when I bought the spray from a blog sale and I've found it to last so much longer! I even spray it on during the day to refresh my make-up and to stop it from looking too cakey!

Skin Repair Moisturiser
I would usually use this moisturiser for during the day, because most days I like to put on a moisturiser before make up. I don't like putting on a heavy duty moisturiser (like my Lancome Hydra Zen) because my foundation just doesn't sit right on top of it. I find that this moisturiser sinks in really quickly, hydrates my skin and I can apply my foundation perfectly on top! These little pots last ages because a little goes a long way! And don't even get me started on the smell!... divine!

Let me know if you like these products and if they work for you, also if you have any recommendations for any Liz Earle products you think I would like please let me know! 


  1. Ive actually never used any liz earl products. What would you recommend?



    1. Definitely the Cleanse and Polish! It is amazing! xx

  2. I like the cleanse and polish and have been interested in the instant tonic..sounds so lush! =) xo

  3. I really want to try Liz Earle at some point soon!

  4. I was the same I used to use face wipes before using Liz Earle (cringe) I adore cleanse and polish and the toner so much! Definite staples in my skincare routine for a long while!xxx

  5. Nice post you got there. Sucks we dont have Liz Earle in bangkok.

    I would appreciate if you drop by at my blog as I have new post. Thanks! ;)


  6. I love the Instant Tonic Boost, makes my skin feel lovely xx

    1. So nice! One of the nicer toners I've tried! xx