Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Spring Wishlist

Hello lovelies!

I hope you are all having a good week! I was back to work yesterday after a lovely long weekend, but at least it's a short week to get through now! It's my best friends birthday this weekend so I'm getting very excited for that!
I am trying to behave myself on the spending front lately because as I'm sure most of you know I went a bit OTT on the shopping front the past couple of weeks, and also I'm going to London in May so I want a few pennies saved up for that! So on that note I decided to show you a couple of the things that I have been lusting over (that I will most certainly not be buying in the near future..definitely definitely not!)

1. Emma Bridgewater iPhone Case
I am after a new phone case at the moment and I've been eyeing this one up since Christmas when I seen it on Tanya Burr's phone! I adore it and I think the design is really unusual and different. I know Emma Bridgewater is mainly a homewares design but since I have no use for buying homewares at the moment I think I'll stick to the phone cover!

2. NARS The Happening Palette
I am in love. This is one of the most beautiful palettes I have ever laid eyes on! It contains four eyeshadows, Laguna bronzer and Orgasm blush. I am a massive fan of Laguna as you know and I've always wanted to try Orgasm. The eyeshadows look gorgeous and from what I've tried, I've found NARS eyeshadows to be amazingly good quality! And if that wasn't enough those evil (but oh so good) people at NARS went and made this limited edition...Way to make a girl want something even more NARS!!

3. Mary Kate & Ashley Influence
Not much to say about this one to be honest. I've been a massive fan of Mary Kate and Ashley since I was little, I still have all their films on video! So on a more "grown-up" obsession level I think this book would be the perfect coffee table read! 

4. NARS Copacabana Illuminator
Yes yes I know two NARS products in one wishlist! What can I say, I'm loving the look of NARS at the moment. I am going to be straight to the point with the reason why I want this. Millie Mackintosh uses it. That is all!

5. Alpha H Liquid Gold
I've heard so many rave reviews about this that I'm beginning to think it is actually made from gold! As you all know I'm such a fan of skin care but once I find something I love, I'll stick to it like glue! I really want to try this out but the price is the main thing putting me off because if I don't get on with it, it'll be such a waste of money! If any of you gorgeous ladies (or gents!) have tried this please let me know if it's worth the money!

6. River Island Star Snood
This I have been on the hunt for, for so long! I originally seen it in one of Fleur de Force's videos and instantly knew that I needed it in my life but I haven't been able to find it anywhere! I must have been in at least 10 different River Island shops and I've been checking the website but haven't been able to find it! SOB!

I think I've done really well on this wish list, compared to others I have done in the past. But since I am going to put myself on a strict(ish) spending ban I will not be seeing any of these beauties in my life anytime soon! But when I go away I will definitely be paying NARS a visit and knowing my luck come away with so much more added to my wishlist!


  1. Great picks, love the iphone case! :) x

  2. I've been using this liquid gold for 3 weeks so it's too early for a proper review but now I can say that I love it:) my skin looks way better but the only thing I don't like about it - it makes my oily skin more oily ( I didn't know that it is possible)

  3. I want that Nars palette , soooo nice xx

  4. love the nars palette and iphone case!

  5. omg.. I ddnt know there's new palette from nars. that palette has everything! i like it! nice post. ;)


  6. Love your wish list. The iPhone cover is so cute and I also am lusting after the NARS illuminator.

    Gillian from x

  7. I really want liquid gold toooo!!


  8. i really want the illuminator and liquid gold too aaaaah xx

  9. Hi
    I am a new follower to your blog.

    I want the illuminator. LOve the iphone case too


  10. I really want to splurge on the NARS palette! xo

  11. I really need to try the Liquid Gold.. it sounds amazing. That NARS palette is stunning xx
    Gemma ♥ | Miss Makeup Magpie

  12. Aw this iPhone case looks so lovely hun! <3 The NARS palette is fab, such great shades! :)


  13. The phone case is super pretty and I LOVE the look of the NARS palette - gorgeous!!

    Jesss xo