Tuesday, 30 April 2013

April Favourites

Hello Lovelies!

Lets skip past the usual intro about how crazily fast the month has gone and how it feels like only last week I was writing out my March favourites and jump straight into the products I have been using most and loving this month! 

Bioderma Crealine H2O
This month the lovely and gorgeous Jess sent me some Bioderma goodies and since I received them I've been using the Crealine H2O every day to remove my make up. It is literally a god-send and deserves all the hype it gets and more! It removes every scrap of make up, including all things water-proof! I would normally remove all my make up with this in the evenings and then go on to cleanse with my Liz Earle Hot Cloth Cleanser!

L'oreal Elnette Volumizing Heat Defence Spray
I bought this a few months a go and have been loving it ever since. I've used it every time I've washed my hair since. It's the Volumising version, there are two others - a curly hair one and one for straight hair. I obviously went for the Volumising one because I am literally obsessed with having big hair. Bit of a random side note on this, I love the spray  nozzle because it sprays out the product in a mist and not just a squirt which leaves a wet patch on your hair, not cool! It leaves my hair with lots of body to it and since using it I've noticed my hair getting a lot softer!

Tangle Teezer
Hailed by beauty bloggers and youtubers all over, the tangle teezer has become an everyday essential for me! I really don't know how it works because it is just a plastic brush but it completely tames my hair effortlessly and relatively pain free! It's also really handy for travelling because it's so compact. (And it's glittery! What more could you want?!)

NARS Laguna
This is a product I've used every day since I've got it but I don't think I give it the recognition it deserves (although it is again one of the most hyped products ever!) Before Laguna came into my life I was never a bronzer girl. I never knew how to apply it or where, but after watching (many) videos on YouTube I feel a bit more confident in the application and I really like the way it makes my skin look. I use my Real Techniques blush brush to apply this under my cheekbones and to the top of my forehead to try and achieve a sun kissed look! I am severely hitting pan on this and will definitely be repurchasing! 

Maybelline Dream Touch Blush
One of the recent editions to my makeup collection in a bid to make it that little bit more Spring-y is this blush by Maybelline in the shade 06 Berry. I love cream blushes but didn't really have a variety of colours. I picked this up on a whim and have been obsessed with it ever since! I apply it with my fingers and lightly buff it in with my Real Techniques Stippling Brush. It leaves a lovely natural flush on the skin and I've been loving it for a quick everyday look! 

Revlon Nearly Naked Foundation 
Not the first time I've raved about this foundation, in fact I've done a whole post about it here. Again with updating my make-up look to a more Spring-time look I have replaced my heavier duty foundations with this and one other (Review coming soon!) I love everything about this foundation, and it actually looks so natural on the skin too! 

Revlon Lip Butter Creme Brulee
Randomly enough I've found myself reaching for this Lip Butter so much this month! We all love a good nude lip and this month I've been obsessed with how this looks! On days where I just wear foundation and a bit of bronzer it really helps with that bronzed look! It's also lovely and hydrating on the lips too! 

MAC Girl About Town
On the other side of the spectrum is one of the brightest lipsticks I own! I have been choosing this over a red lip lately and I really like the change! Such a gorgeous lipstick! Really long-lasting on the lips and again it feels lovely and moisturising! 

Barry M Grapefruit
This is the colour that has been on my toes all month! I am such a massive fan of the Barry M's Gelly Hi-Shine's and this colour really stood out of the collection for me! Such a gorgeous bright colour, looks stunning with a tan and I can't wait until it's a bit warmer and I can wear sandals and show it off properly!

MaxFactor Midnight Bronze
Not going to harp on too much about this because it was in last month's favourites and I've dedicated a whole blog post to it here. Lets just say it's love and I have only change my nail polish once this whole month.

So those are my favourites for the month of April. No doubt May will go just as quickly and I will be writing another favourites post in no time! 


  1. I don't know what I'd do without my Tangle Teezer! I love the L'Oreal Heat Defence Spray too, but it never seems to give my hair much volume sadly, it just feels nice (it is the volumising one I have as well) xx


    1. I'm obsessed with the Tangle Teezer!:D the spray smells gorgeous too doesnt it? xx

  2. Great post :) I was really dissapointed with the nearly naked foundation it oxidised like crazy on me :( it's really sad because other than that it is really similar to Chanel Vitalumiere aqua!! You should try loreal lumi magique AMAZEBALLS xxx

    1. Awh no way!:( Sadface! I'll definitely have that on my to try list missy!:) xxx

  3. Great pictures! It's so nice to finally be able to go outside for pics now isn't it?

    Creme brule looks right up my street! I love Barry M gelly hi shines and that shade might have to be my next purchase!

    Gotta love a tangle teaser too!



    1. And the extra hours of daylight make taking pictures all the easier too!:D xxx

  4. Love your latest purchases, bioderma is so brilliant isn't it! I can't believe I still haven't purchased a Barry M Gelly Hi Shine yet, I feel like a bad blogger haha!

    Great haul!


    1. Thanks hun, but this was my April Favourites post. xx

  5. Great favourites Danielle! Thanks for the cheeky mention haha, I need to get my hands on a tangle teezer and the creme brulee lip butter! I think you'd really like Essie Penny Talk too :) xx

    1. Hehe no problem gorgeous!;) Oh well if you insist..I shall purchase..you bad influence! ;) xxx

  6. I went to Paris last month & picked up some Bioderma Crealine H2O as everyone is raaaaving about it & it broke me out. Why me, WHHHYYY. Sad times.
    But great blog hun, now following :) Nearly at 500 woo.
    Megan xx


  7. I've never tried the Ellnett heat defiance spray! Sounds amazing!

  8. Great list, I want to try several of these now! And I am a huge fan of my Tangle Teezer too, have been using it for around a month now, and I agree with every word you said about it! :)

  9. Heard such great things about Nars Laguna, defo need it myself.


  10. Hi! It's great to see another Irish blogger! :)
    You're so lucky getting Bioderma from your friend, I can't find it anywhere over here.. Sad times! I love the Barry M Gellys, Just want to buy them all haha..

    Great post :)
    Leanne @ Makeup Blast xox

  11. I really want NARS laguna! :( it's featured on my birthday wishlist which I've recently posted about! :) lovely favourites post xx

  12. Really want Girl about town, one of my 'to get' lippys once my spending ban is over! x

  13. I've been wearing the Barry M colour on my toes too! Have it on right now haha :)xx