Sunday, 20 January 2013

My Week In Pictures

Hello Lovelies! 

Today I wanted to try something abit different. I'm trying to make my blog a bit more personal and I normally do my Instagram Diary every so often, but I'm going to try to keep you up to date on my weekly events instead! I also wanted to say a big hello and thank you to all my new followers! Thank you all so much! 

On Monday night I went over to my best friends house for a catch up and she made the most luscious spaghetti and meatballs I've ever had! I love our girly nights, nothing like a good gossip! 

On Wednesday I was feeling abit down (I'm blaming the January blues!) so my boyfriend came over and we had a fajita night! 

I had my one year review at work on Thursday, if you follow me on twitter I'm sure you're sick of hearing me going on about it (nervous doesn't cover how I was feeling!) I'm so relieved it's over and really happy with how I got on! Can't believe it's been a year since I started working there! 

On Friday we had a snow day! I was wishing for snow since before Christmas and eventually it arrived! I know in some areas of England are getting hit hard with the snow but we literally got it Friday and it disappeared Saturday..ideal snow day! Of course I was out in it and pictures were taken...

And then on Saturday myself and my mum went up to Dublin to visit family, and of course a sneaky bit of shopping was done! I could do a haul next week if any of you are interested in seeing what I bought! Let me tell you damage was done..also I learned there is nothing more mortifying than your Primark bag ripping in Zara..Shame! Here is one of those classic changing room pictures that constantly grace Instagram...

So that is the round up of my week! Let me know if you'd like to see my haul of goodies! Hope you all have a lovely and relaxing Sunday evening!


  1. Omg that fooooood

    1. Haha I'm getting hungry just looking at the pictures again xx

  2. You just made me go hungry with all these amazing food pictures!
    I'd love to see more of these kind of personal posts, I also wanted to try and do that on my blog, cause I love it :)
    Great post! xxx

    1. Thanks so much for your feedback hun!Means so much!:) I'm going to try and do these posts every Sunday!:) xx