Tuesday, 29 January 2013

My Favourite Make-Up Brushes

Hello Lovelies!

Today I wanted to show you some of my favourite make-up brushes. I love buying new make up brushes and finding new make up brushes to use. I am a woman obsessed! I just thought I would show you the ones I reach for on a daily basis and why!

Real Techniques Buffing Brush
I reach for this brush literally every day! I use this for my foundation and it buffs it in like a dream. I really don't know what I was using for my foundation before this but I know I couldn't live without it now! The only bad-ish thing about it is you can't buy it separately you have to buy it as part of the Core Collection. If it was sold separately I would definitely be buying more! 

Real Techniques Contour Brush
I find this to be  one of the more multi-use Real Techniques brushes! I use this for both contouring and applying highlighter but sometimes I actually use it to blend in my concealer! Another one of the Core Collection brushes I wish was sold separately! 

Real Techniques Blush Brush
First off I love teh pink barrel on this brush! I don't actually use this bruh for blusher because I don't think it's the right shape for my face but I do use it for applying my bronzer! Since it is tapered at the end it is good for a slight contour and sweeping the product across your face. This brush and NARS Laguna is a match made in heaven!

Sigma Round Top Kabuki
Yet another brush I love for my foundation. This brush tends to buff the product in a lot more that the Real Techniques Buffing Brush does, so it leaves a much more flawless finish. I also tend to use this with a more full coverage foundation. As much as I love this brush it is impossible to clean! Since it is so dense it is really hard to get all of the product out! But I still love it none the less!

Sigma Tapered Blending - E35
This was the first "proper" eye blending brush I've ever owned and OMG! Applying my eyeshadow has competely changed! It blends in my eyehadow like nothing else and it literally does the work for you! Amazing and I'm sorry I didn't buy this brush sooner!

Sigma Pencil Brush - E30
Not the most necessary brush I own but I love using it so much I had to include it! I use it for applying highlihgter to my brow bone, the inner corners of my eyes and for applying eyeshadow to underneath my eyes!

MAC 227 Brush
All my MAC brushes I have actually gotten from sets and this one was from the tartan collection from around 3 years ago I think! This is such a handy brush to have for those lazy days! I literally just sweep my eyeshadow across my lid and I'm good to go!

MAC 129 Brush 
From the same collection as the 227, I got this blush brush! I love this! I think it's the best shaped brush for my cheeks and I use it everyday! I'm actually thinking of getting the full sized brush and keeping this for travel!

MAC 130 Brush
One of the more recent additions to my brush collection is this small duo fibre stippling brush. I love this brush for applying highlighter to my cheekbones. It leaves such a lovely natural finish with highlighter.

Elf Powder Brush
One of the cheapest brushes I own and yet amazing quality! I use it for pressing powder onto mu skin to set my foundation. It is one of the softest brushes ever! I actually want to buy another one and see how it is with applying liquid foundation!

If you have any other brushes you think I would like please let me know in the comments because brushes are one of my favourite things to buy!


  1. I really need to try out some MAC brushes but they're just so expensive aaah xx

    1. Oh they are amazing, definitly check out the limited edition sets though! Works out cheaper me thinks! xx

  2. I love the buffing brush too and wish it was sold separately! xx

    1. I think we'd all go mad buying them if they did! haha xxx

  3. Really want to try the real techniques brushes! but at this current point in time I am on a spending ban:(


  4. I cant wait to get my Real Techniques brushes :) . I hope my uncle would come soon to Pakistan and bring my brushes with him .

  5. all 3 of the RT ones are in my favourites too :D I really want to try sigma brushes xxx

    1. Oh you'd love them hun! I waited until Black Friday before I ordered mine because they had free postage! xx

  6. I love the RT brushes too :) I got the core collection kit at Christmas and I've never looked back!

    Are the Mac brushes really worth the money?

    Nic x


    1. I think so! I bought them in the sets so it worked out abit cheaper!:)xx

  7. I'm envying the round top kabuki. Great collection xx

  8. lovely post! i'd love to extend my brush collection

    from helen at thelovecatsinc // youtube

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  9. I love the sigma e35 and also the elf powder brush is also amazing for applying liquid foundation.


    1. I'm defnitely going to have to get another one to try it for liquid foundation!:D xxx

  10. I bought the real techniques core collection not long ago and can't imagine what my life was like before I bought it! But I agree, I wish I could buy some of the brushes separately because I want more than one!

  11. Love this post on your brush collection. I love finding out what brushes work for different people. I only have the stippling brush from the Real Techniques collection, I think I'll need to treat myself to some more.

    Heather xxx


  12. God I'm so obsessed with the Real Techniques brushes too. I'd be lost without the Buffing brush. Since purchasing the Core Collection in August It's been glued on my face. Well technically speaking that's not true ( that'll be weird) but you get what I'm saying though right? Haha :D