Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Illamasqua Eyeliner | Vow

Hello Lovelies!

So recently I purchased the Pixi Endless Silky Eyeliner in Oyster Glow, which I absolutely love- you can read my rave reviews here

I bought this with the intention of wearing it everyday as an eye brightening eyeliner. But after awhile I decided it was abit 'shimmery' for my day to day make up, (I do like a natural look) so I began my hunt for a matt creamy colour eyeliner. Then I found the lovely Julie's post on her eye-brightening routine and seen that she used the Illamasqua vow eyeliner. I loved the effect it gave on her eyes and it was the exact thing I was looking for, so I popped on to Debenhams website and bought it!

This eyeliner is absolutely amazing. It is a gorgeous creamy consistency. Defiantly not as creamy as the Pixi eyeliner but still amazing. The colour is absolutely perfect for lining my water line and giving that wide-eyed yet subtle look that I have been on the hunt for for so long! 

I still love my Oyster Glow but I think I will be saving that for nights out for abit of a more dramatic look.

I bought my Vow pencil online here



  1. This looks great! I have Mac chromographic eye pencil which is very similar! When I use that up I will definitely give this a look :) xx

    1. oooh I'll have to have a look at that one:D xxx

  2. I'm currently using NARS Rue Bonaparte, I may have try this one out as it looks very similar. Great post x