Tuesday, 31 July 2012

July Favourites

Hello Lovelies!

I could do yet another intro being totally amazed at the fact that we are in August already but I shall NOT and will skip straight to my July favourites!

Liz Earle Moisturiser
I recently repurchased my beloved Cleanse and Polish and I actually bought the basic skin care set where I got the cleanser, toner and moisturiser. I am absolutely LOVING the moisturiser. Its such a light moisturiser, perfect for during the day under make up and for at night too. I adore the scent too, which is abit of a weird reason for loving a moisturiser but hey-ho!

Barry M- Rasberry
My favourite nail polish of the month! It is such a pretty colour! It looks amazing with a tan...but I can't decide whether it looks red or not..I'll just say its a deeeeeep berry colour- verging on red- but not actually red...I love it!

MeMeMe MoonBeam Highlighter
I bought this product earlier this month but I won't waffle on too much because I actually have already done an entire post raving about it HERE

Inglot Neutral Pallet
I bought this nearly two months ago and I have literally used it everyday since! Abandoned are my beloved MAC & NAKED pallets and in their place is this little pallet of perfection! The eyeshadows are amazingly pigmented, you get alot of product in the pans and I think they are amazing value too! My pallet cost me €30, and for 4 excellent quality eyeshadows (and the really cool packaging) that is well worth it in my eyes!

The Hunger Games
Bit late on the bandwagon for this but I recently purchased The Hunger Games trilogy and I'm loving it! Half way through 'Catching Fire' and I am obsessed!

Made in Chelsea
I am beyond obsessed with this show! I have watched every season within 2 weeks and I am eagerly awaiting the next one. I want so bad to wake up one morning looking like Millie McKintosh pleeease!

So those are my favourites for the month of July, hope you enjoyed reading this! 



  1. I literally devoured the Hunger Games trilogy over about a week, have you seen the first film? It's incredible! Also, if you figure out how to look like Millie, feel free to share it in a post - I'd like to know, too! Cx

    1. I actually realy liked the film even though alot of people didnt like it:O haha I'm just wishing to wake up one day and look like her:D xx

  2. I might try the Liz Earle moisturiser now! I love their cleanse and polish so hopefully I will love this as much :)

  3. hunger games are such good books! really want an ingot palette but theres only one store in london and its a trek from me aaaah. i got to touch spencer from mic! haha xx

  4. I'm on book two of THG also. :) 50 Shades trilogy next :P xo

    1. haha I have those lined up waiting!..think they'll be sliiiightly different to Hunger games! :O xx

  5. LOVE the nail varnish! May have to buy it, seems like a necessity ;) I'm having an affair with Proudlock, he just doesn't know it yet ;) xo