Thursday, 26 July 2012

Empties Post

Hello Lovelies!
Today I'm doing my first ever Empties post. I actually love these kinds of posts because you can actually tell that the products have actually been used and the opinions haven't been formed after like two uses of the products.
So as you can see I don't actually have that many products because it literally takes me forever to finish anything (I've never hit pan on any eyeshadow...ever) but I was so excited that I actually finished things I had to show you what I've finished this month!

So on with my empties!

Tesco Nail Polish Remover- This is like the fifth bottle of this that I have finished...I find it just as good as the more expensive brands, and since I paint my nails every second day I go through it like there is no tomorrow.

St Tropez Mousse Self Tanner- This is my all time favourite self tan. I wish it wasn't so expensive because it really is amazing. The only thing that I don't really like about it is the smell, but for the effect it gives it is something I can live with!

Vaseline Deep Conditioning Coco Butter- As you can see I really didn't want this to finish so I chopped it to get every last drop out of it! I have re-purchased this already in the tub form which is more...sturdy?..for want of a better word! But it is my go-to body moisturiser...and it smells delish!

Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish- Another product I have already re-purchased! No bad words to say about this product...I was devastated when I ran out and immediately had to order a new one!

Nivea Pearl Beauty Deodorant(Spray & Roll on)- Bit of a boring product here but I do like it. Keeps sweaty patches at bay but doesn't have an over powering smell that a few other deodorants that I have used had.

Hask Argan Oil- This is a new addition to my hair care routine but it has made such a difference and I got this about a month ago and it is completely gone. Leaves my hair feeling gorgeous and its only €2.50 and I will be buying it again the next time I'm in Primark.

Barry M Top Coat- No surprise that the only nail polish I have ever managed to finish is a top coat since it is the one I use every time I paint my nails. I really do like this top coat, it prevents chipping and leaves my nails looking lovely and shiny too!



  1. Have you tried the Bourjois 1 second magic nail polish remover? I have that and it is so amazing - I paint my nails fairly often and it removes nail polish so quickly! If you paint your nails every 2 days I would definitely recommend it :)

  2. I'm mad to try that but its sold out everywhere here! :( xx

  3. i'm just about to do one of these posts too! hehe, i always feel so proud when i use up a product! I love the Nail Polish Remover from Tesco! I never saw the Argan Oil in Primark defintaly going to get it! xo

    1. Isnt it amazing? :D and oh so cheap! :) You should it is really amazing..i'm going to stock up at the weekend! xx

  4. I love empties post, I'm currently saving up my bottles to do one of these posts soon! xx

    1. I found it really hard not to just throw them out haha xx

  5. I have like 4 of those hair mask stockpiled in my wardrobe :P They are amazing! I love the orange scent on it.

    1. I'm going to be stocking up the next time i see it! :D

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  7. Love me some empties posts! I buy loads of stuff so it's refreshing (for me at least to see I actually use a lot of it off!) :) have yet to use and Liz Earle products but am anxious to!

    1. It justifies spending so much money when you're actually finishing the products! ;) Oooh you should try them, they are amazing! xx

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