Friday, 15 April 2016

Rimmel Sculpting Palette | Coral Glow

 Rimmel recently released a contour kit and I was very excited to give it a try. There was two different shades released, one darker than the other. I picked up the lighter of the two - Coral Glow, but I might end up picking up the darker one for when I have more tan on. I did prefer the blush shade in this one so I thought it would be perfect for the Spring seasons. I think that the darker palette has a matte bronzer which would be perfect for contouring. The bronzer in this has a slight bit of a sheen, it doesn't really translate to the cheeks though. 

This palette is so handy to have in your make up bag. I have used at least one shade from it most days since getting it. The colours are not overly pigmented, but they are so easy to build up so the palette would be perfect for someone starting out in make-up. You can build them up to the intensity that you want. They go on like satin on the skin- if that even makes sense. They just look so smooth on the skin, and never look cake-y regardless of how much you put on.

The highlighter is my favourite from the palette. It gives such a gorgeous natural glow, with out any signs of glitter which is really good for a "drugstore" highlighter. Like I said, the blush is perfect for this time of year. It is also a very similar colour to the MAC Spellbound blush that I have been obsessed with lately.  

The palette is available to buy online here for €6.99. I would definitely recommend you give them a swatch if you are at a Rimmel stand, it would make a nice addition to any make-up bag!

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